About Silent Windows

Seven years in the making, you could say that Silent Windows is an offshoot of the ‘mother brand’, Hugo Carter. Yet already, it looks destined to become more widely known than its parent.

Here we outline how one gave rise to the other, what factors have shaped that evolution, and also the core purpose and principles that have remained very firmly in place throughout.

But first things first…

Ten reasons why you should choose us

#1 Because we are:

  • A timber window manufacturer
  • A window installer
  • FENSA registered, so we can certify our installations

#2 Because we are not:

  • A lead generation website which sells the leads to some random installers
  • An online marketing platform
  • A middle man

#3 Because we have created the most advanced noise-reduction windows on the market. We redesigned them with the help of experts from the Institute of Acoustics. We understand the science of silence.

#4 Because we employ engineers, not sales people. Our team has been trained by experts at Southampton Solent University in room acoustics, noise analysis and noise mitigation techniques.

Bespoke windows

#5 Because we carry out detailed noise analysis. We survey to determine the type of noise and how loud it is. This allows us to choose the product and the thickness of glazing units that is absolutely right for you.

#6 Because of our unique installation method. We have designed, with the help of chartered noise engineers, a unique installation method to
complement our products. It’s our secret – our version of the recipe for
Coca-Cola! All we can say is:

  • We use advanced acoustic techniques and materials which are
    also used to construct recording studios
  • Our in-house installation teams adhere strictly to the unique
    process, overseen by an internal project manager
  • We offer advanced dust and damage protection – and a
    complimentary cleaning service if required

#7 Because our in-house installation team are certified by the Glass Qualifications Authority. It may be old-fashioned, but we believe that
directly employing our installers means we deliver the highest standards. Our teams have been working for us for several years and have all had specialist training. They wear uniforms, drive our branded vehicles and are fully insured. We do not leave anything to chance.

#8 Because there are drawbacks to using contractors:

  • They are typically paid per window; if they can squeeze another one into the same day, they can keep the profit
  • They save money by using cheaper material, and less of it – how would you know what type of foam, and how much of it, has been used once the window is in?
  • There is often no supervision or quality control – or
    accountability when things go wrong

#9 Because building long-term relationships with our customers
matters to us.
 We like to give people continuity, confidence and a sense of security. We take pride in the fact that, since we began trading in 2010, we have build great relationships with our customers. We still employ the people who carried out our first installation. And we offer a great after-care service, with guaranteed repairs and annual maintenance.

#10 Because we have a long list of satisfied customers, from Margate to Dublin. From brands large and small, we have testimonials that
demonstrate we deliver a first-class service.


If you think it costs a lot to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur!

Taking care of environments – indoors and out

Ever since we opened our doors for business in 2010 as Hugo Carter,  we have been clear about our priorities. From the start it was our aim to turn houses into homes by using only the best materials available; including ethically sourced timber. Another aim was to always exceed people’s expectations.

In time we began to notice that there were things we excelled in, and that we had a particular passion about.

Hugo Carter Logo

We loved the way hardwood timber outperformed any other wood or material

Thanks to its thousands of tiny air chambers per cubic inch, which hold in heat, this timber is an excellent insulator and the most effective wood for noise reduction. No wonder it’s been the construction material of choice for centuries.

We loved the way we would routinely triple its strength

In our factory, we make it our standard practice to engineer three pieces of timber together for all our windows and doors. This heightens the wood’s durability and also its capacity to keep noise out and warmth in.

Our bespoke solutions demanded a close client rapport and understanding

And as we listened to our clients and experienced their challenges and priorities first-hand, we realised that the greatest difference we could make, and were already making, was providing noise reduction solutions.

Creating a Tranquility that Transforms

But what was it exactly that prompted us to focus on noise reduction windows and doors, and on making the latest soundproofing solutions more widely available?

Let’s put it this way, it is one thing to see a gap in the market.  It is quite another to see a way to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Here are three stories of people who needed something that didn’t exist. (Or so they thought).

First, there was a young couple who were delighted to move into their new home. But sadly, their delight was short-lived when they realised the house was far, far noisier than they had realised. Their frustration deepened as they realised that traditional double, or even triple, glazing was never going to be enough to create the tranquility they longed for.


A second couple had a different challenge. They were looking to sell their home and, try as they might, they kept coming up against the same hurdle. The noise levels proved a major barrier to the sale, and to the appeal of their property. They were learning – to their cost – that noisy neighbours are the single greatest ‘deal breaker’ when it comes to selling a property. And they didn’t know where to turn.

And then there was an older gentleman whose grade II listed home, for all its heritage charms was barely habitable, because of the noise that seeped in through the windows. The roadblock here – as so often is the case in conservation areas – was planning permission. He had explored several avenues, and was starting to fear there was no viable way to sufficiently soundproof his home.

Each of these stories has had a happy ending, thanks to our Silent Windows; in each case, we were able to resolve the issue and bring an unexpected level of peace and quiet to the property in question. (Expect full versions of these stories to be added soon as Case Studies in our Resources section.)

It’s the common thread in all our services: a tranquility that transforms lives. After all, it sits at the very heart of our ethos, outlined below.

Silent WIndows

Changing perceptions, lives and possibilities

We didn’t set out to be pioneers. We simply did what we saw as the obvious thing to do – to provide a bridge between a clear-cut need, and the materials and technologies that met that need.

En route, we have found ourselves involved in certain breakthroughs we probably wouldn’t have anticipated seven years ago. These include:

Dispelling widely held myths about double glazing

Many believe that double glazing can provide adequate noise reduction when it can’t – achieving a maximum 25dB decreases in the decibels. By contrast, specialist acoustic glazing can reduce noise by up to 51dB.

Leading the way in residential noise reduction.

In our ongoing research, we are constantly looking to heighten the soundproofing capabilities of all our products. To do this, we regularly enlist the support of the Institute of Acoustics.

Creating unique products through a unique design process

We’ve taken state-of-the-art technology – which was prohibitively expensive and available only to the commercial sector – and are making it available to entirely new markets. Doing that involves products and a process, the like of which exist nowhere else.


Our Philosophy and Ethos

Today the same commitments we set out with in 2010 are very firmly in place. In fact, they are embedded in every aspect of our service. And they are?

To deliver perfection

The more you know about our products and our process – and witness our attention to detail – the more you’ll realise our commitment to achieving new levels of excellence.

Ours is a unique design process, that creates the most effective noise reduction windows in the UK; and we’re constantly looking to build on that lead.

To delight customers

We’re not just talking about the end products here, we mean the entire process – from initial consultation to completion.

On an initial visit, we will talk you through the best options for your needs – and if we think that means installing something other than Silent Windows, we’ll say so.

Most importantly, when we install your noise reduction windows, we’ll treat the property as if it were our own- with the utmost care.

To transform lives

We have encountered all manner of scenarios, where lives are disrupted by noise. Young children unable sleep, individuals unable to work and people’s health dramatically affected.

It is particularly rewarding to be able to transform that situation, to give back people their homes, and with it their lives.

Today, it isn’t just people’s homes we are transforming , but also five star hotels and other properties, as we look to create the quietest spaces in the noisiest places.

Jacob Figura

“Early on we realised that if we wanted to truly transform peoples’ lives through their living environments, we needed to develop more deeply our fascination with, and knowledge of, the science of silence – and then apply that expertise to our products and our process.”

Jacob Gwalbert Figura, CEO

Download our noise reduction brochure

To learn more about The Science of Silence, please download our brochure.

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