A decision you only want to make once

In our experience, investing in noise reduction windows is not something you want to be doing more than once. So how do you know you’re making the right decision? Yes, we could point you to our testimonials… to various case studies… or to our multiple awards and accreditations.

But here’s the thing. We don’t actually want to persuade you of anything. We just want you to make an informed choice. To know the pros and cons of your options. And to then do what’s best for you and your property. Be it a home or a hotel.

To be certain that you make an informed decision – and that you don’t find yourself counting the cost of cutting corners – it’s good to know what to ask your supplier. Take your pick from these 21 questions. It’s one way to help make sure that your only surprises are good ones.

Twenty one questions to ask your supplier…

The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed with your noise reduction windows.

And that is a real possibility… if you choose a supplier who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, or whose credentials are not all they say they are.

Here – to protect you, your investment and your home – is a series of questions to put to any prospective supplier of a noise reduction solution.

quiet home

Q1: Will they charge you to take the ‘noise signature’ of your home?

Q2: Do they outsource to contractors… or only use their own team?

Q3: What are the qualifications / certifications of those they use?

Q4: Are they happy to put you in touch with past clients?

Q5: How dramatically can they reduce the decibels?

Q6: Do they manufacture their own windows?

Q7: Do they install their own windows?

Q8: Will they talk you through your best options?

Q9: Will they tell you if their offering is not the most suitable?

Q10: Will the initial visit be by acoustic engineers or by a sales team?

Q11: What timber do they use?

Q12: What equipment do they use to measure the noise in your home?

Q13: What partnerships do they have in place?

Q14: What CPD training has their team had?

Q15: How many delighted clients do they have?

Q16: What are their ratings on Trustpilot?

Q17: How many awards have they won or been shortlisted for?

Q18: Have they successfully soundproofed a five-star hotel?

Q19: How are they viewed by RIBA-accredited architects?

Q20: What suppliers do they use for their glass?

Q21: What guarantees and after-care assurances do they provide?

Fligth-path Noise

Are we right for you?

If – before getting in touch with us – you would like some further reassurance about our own credentials, feel free to ask us any of the above questions.

You can also learn more about us via our testimonials, various case studies and our multiple awards and accreditations.

And if you are seeking reassurance on other fronts, we invite you to simply get in touch or see our latest related blogs.