Soundproof Windows for Train & Railway Noise Pollution

“Hugo Carter really understand the noise better than anyone else and I was impressed with the measuring and installation process. I would recommend the company to anybody seeking to effect a substantial noise reduction." - Nick of Victoria, Central London
September 23rd, 2019

The Challenge: Living Near Train Tracks

Our client Nick, owns an apartment right alongside Victoria Station in London. This central location makes it very easy to commute to the office, and make frequent trips to the home in Sussex.

The previous owner installed double-glazing throughout, however the noise pollution from the train station continued to be so intrusive, Nick was not sure he could continue to live there.

underground noise pollution

Consultation Without Obligation

During our initial visit we completed a detailed noise survey – analysing the sound signature and the exact effect on each room.

At Hugo Carter, we design, manufacture and install every window and door, to the bespoke specifications of our clients and the exact type of noise.

We carefully measured each window and took decibel readings inside the apartment, as trains passed by. We analysed the noise signature and frequency curves, to choose the best type of product and glazing to combat this exact noise problem.

The Solution: Our Recommendation

Following our survey, Nick commissioned us to install a high performance, secondary window, in his bedroom. After a test period, the reduction of ambient noise was so dramatic, he decided to apply the same solution to all other rooms.

Shhhhh! These are Silent Windows ™

The noise penetrating this apartment has been transformed from “intolerable”, to “hardly noticeable”. Friends and family have commented on how peaceful the home is now, and Nick has put aside any thoughts of moving.

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