Soundproof Windows for Road and Traffic Noise Pollution

“We are very happy with the result. It has made a significant difference to the level of noise we hear from the street. We would recommend Hugo Carter, their price for the product was miles ahead. And the workmen who came to install the windows were fantastic.”- Rachel of Barnet, North London
September 23rd, 2019

The Challenge: Living On A Busy Road

Cyril and Rachel recently moved with the family, into a beautiful, detached property in the London Borough of Barnet. Original sash windows at the back and front, on both floors, were very much in keeping with the architecture of the period.

As this house is located on a very busy main road, with buses running up and down the street 24 hours a day, the single-glazing made rooms feel draughty and suffered considerable noise intrusion from passing traffic.

Consultation Without Obligation

Cyril researched many suppliers, before calling us in. We listened to the requirements of the family and surveyed the property, inspecting all the current windows and doors.

We took decibel readings in different rooms, then carefully measured each window and door to be replaced.

As always, we carefully measured each window and door, then took decibel readings inside the apartment, as trains passed below. We analysed the noise signature and frequency curves, to choose the best type of product and glazing to combat this exact noise problem.


The Solution: Our Recommendation

With our analysis of the noise signature and frequency curve, we were able to recommend the most effective product and glazing, to combat the exact noise problem experienced by this home.

Shhhhh! These are Silent Windows ™

We installed new windows throughout the property, including one high specification, picture window. Soundproof glass was selected for each window, which increased the insulating effect, while keeping out unwanted noise.

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