Soundproof Windows for Plane & Aircraft Noise Pollution Reducing Heathrow Flight Path Noise Pollution

“We absolutely would recommend Hugo Carter to other home owners in the same situation. I have already told neighbours about the help we received and expect the company to get a lot more business in this area.” - Lara & Kevin - Datchet, near Windsor in Berkshire
September 23rd, 2019

The Challenge: Living Under A Flightpath

Our clients, Lara and Kevin live in a beautiful Victorian home in the village of Datchet, near Windsor. The picturesque Berkshire countryside, proximity to London and transport links, make this area very popular with commuter families. As properties with enough space for all the family continue to be in demand, our clients were pleased to secure this home, with so many period features.

Another widely-known feature of Berkshire, is its location directly under the Heathrow flightpath. Regular departures and arrivals, both to and from the nearby airport, cause relentless disruption to this tranquil setting. Lara and Kevin suffered the noise pollution from aircraft passing overhead every 3 minutes, from 6am until late at night.

Consultation Without Obligation

During our first visit to the property, we listened to the style preferences of the family. The original, period features and architectural character of this home, were to be carefully preserved.

With years of experience working with properties from this period, we were confident to maintain the architectural integrity, while significantly reducing the impact of ambient noise.

As always, we carefully measured each window and door, then took decibel readings inside the family home, as aeroplanes passed overhead.

We analysed the noise signature and frequency curves, to choose the best type of product and glazing to combat this exact noise problem.


The Solution: Our Recommendation

We recommended a combination of replacement windows, including new sash windows at the back of the property, and secondary windows to sit directly being the original Victorian sash windows, at the front of the property.

Our quote included details of the technical specifications, including large French doors, as well as a magnificent new front door.

Shhhhh! These are Silent Windows ™

Each soundproof, double or triple glazed, timber framed window, benefits from our proprietary design features, which deliver maximum security, are easy to use, and built to last.

At Hugo Carter, we design, manufacture and install every window and door, to the bespoke specifications of our clients and the exact type of noise.

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