Soundproof Windows for Anti-Social Noise Pollution

“I would definitely recommend Hugo Carter. The difference their windows has made is considerable and the company were a pleasure to deal with. I have already recommended them to my brother – he was equally impressed.” - Will of Shoreditch, London
September 23rd, 2019

The Challenge: Anti-Social Noise

Our client, Will Montgomery, bought a flat above a row of pubs and bars in Shoreditch. The property has an enviable, central location, very convenient for Will to enjoy the London nightlife and socialise with friends, right on his doorstep.

Noise from the venues downstairs during pub opening hours, followed by the post-midnight din of drinkers on the way home – sometimes until 4am – regularly disturbed Will’s sleep. With difficulty hearing the television in his lounge, Will found it increasingly hard to relax while inside his own home.

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Consultation Without Obligation

As always, we carefully measured each window and door, then took decibel readings inside the apartment.

We analysed the noise signature and frequency curves, to choose the best type of product and glazing to combat this exact noise problem.

The flat is located in a conservation area, so we had to be very particular in selecting the correct materials, to replace the existing, single-glazed windows.


The Solution: Our Recommendation

Sash windows were selected from our range of Silent Windows, to provide exceptional noise reduction throughout the living space. For the bedrooms we recommended our state of the art, High Performance double doors, which reduce noise by up to 51dB.

We customised the design of all new doors and windows to match in style with the existing ones, and comply with the conservation area requirements, at this east London warehouse conversion.

Shhhhh! These are Silent Windows ™

The amount of noise registered in Will’s flat, after our installation, was significantly reduced.

The neighbours upstairs have also noticed the difference, while visiting – they commented on how peaceful it is now.

We are delighted to hear from Will, he is now able to sleep through the night as the noise level is “well below the threshold of irritation”.

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