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Whichever window or door you choose, two things are certain.

Number One. Every single window or door is bespoke, made-to-measure ‘to the millimetre’ in our own factory – and benefits from two rigorous on-site surveys, and our unique design process.

Number Two. We go to great lengths to ensure that any bespoke window or door we design is exactly right for you. That match depends on various choices that we’ll discuss early on in our process, so you’re always in control, and always satisfied.

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Soundproof Sash Windows

You may already appreciate the beauty of sash windows. Their ‘vertical lift’ has a distinct aesthetic appeal, and is typical of many traditional homes in the UK, including grade II listed properties and those in conservation areas.

What you may not know is which sash windows offer the best solution for soundproofing a property. Our bespoke soundproof sash timber windows can achieve a dramatic noise reduction, far greater than what is possible with ‘regular’ double glazing.

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Soundproof Casement Windows

Would you like to bring a new level of tranquillity to a particular property? Expect to be surprised by the dramatic difference we can make with acoustic soundproofing. Casement windows provide high levels of security and comfort to homeowners, workers and hotel guests across the UK.

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High Performance Windows

Whether you’re a homeowner, a hotelier or an architect, the specific high performance windows we’ll create for you will be unique. That’s because at the outset we don’t just measure the space, we measure the noise. We take into account different logistical factors and also your aesthetic choices.

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Soundproof Doors

Whether you’re thinking of enhancing the back of your property with beautiful French or bi-fold soundproof doors, or invest in a stunning front door to bring a new elegance to the property, it’s a choice that you’ll only be wanting to make once.

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Soundproof Secondary Windows

Not to be confused with secondary glazing, secondary windows provide a soundproofing solution for properties experiencing high to extremely high levels of noise pollution or those which are listed, where you cannot do anything with existing windows.

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Window Furniture

Whatever soundproofing solution you are considering, it is important to consider the design detail. Even the smallest choices of window furniture can make a huge difference in how your new soundproof windows and doors operate, but also how they look and make you feel. We keep an extensive range of handles, hinges, fasteners, latches and locks for all our products. This means you can personalise your soundproof windows or doors to fit your home and, importantly, reflect your style.


Passive House Windows by Silent Windows

To build a passive house you need to adopt a very accurate design model, choose insulation carefully, ensure true air-tightness as required, construct your building without thermal breaks or bridges and invest in a highly efficient ventilation and heat recovery system.


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