The most valuable CPD that you do all year?

Anti Social Noise Pollution

Before answering that, it’s worth considering a few other questions:


Would you like to know the ultimate remedy for noise pollution?

Do you come across projects where the ‘science of silence’ could make a difference?

Do you want to be amongst the first architects to have this?

Discover our expertise firsthand in an exclusive RIBA-approved session tailored just for you. This unique opportunity allows you to gain a ‘behind-the-scenes’ understanding of our award-winning products and processes through a personalized face-to-face meeting. Book your session now and experience our commitment to excellence in person.

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    A noise reduction of 50 decibels?

    (It won’t just be your clients who sleep better.)

    When we first indicated that we could achieve noise reductions of 50 decibels, many said it couldn’t be done. (Including a number of highly respected acoustic scientists with phDs.)

    But we did do it. So think what that can mean to you and your clients:


    An enhanced capacity to secure and deliver on urban projects where noise reduction is an essential part of the brief.

    A deeper understanding of the latest products and thinking, which can positively impact your practice’s reputation and its credibility.

    No more sleepless nights, wondering whether your suppliers can actually be relied upon to meet your client’s very highest expectations.

    It’s not difficult to see why so many Architects love us. Learn more here.

    Noiseless nights.

    (See how to deliver that promise in any urban setting.)

    To date, we’ve completed a myriad of successful projects, creating exceptional results for architects and their clients. For example:


    A busy West End hotel where the first floor could be made available to guests with a new level of confidence. ‘An unbelievable difference’.

     A listed building in Kensington, where outside expert assistance was needed to navigate a testing planning process. ‘Amazing knowledge’.

    A beautiful Victorian residence on the flight path, extremely close to Heathrow. ‘Made a world of difference to our lives’

    You can learn more about these three case studies here. Such successes explain why, in 2019, we won a UK Enterprise Award for the Best Window & Door Manufacturer and the Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product.

    In the same way, we can help you transform what you are able to both promise and deliver to your clients. Our session will explain how.

    What our Session Covers

    As well as painting a picture of noise pollution and its impacts, we will ‘lift the lid’ on what enables us to build the most effective, award-winning noise reduction windows available today.

    Maybe you already share our fascination with the ‘science of silence’. Did you know that:

    Would you like to know the ultimate remedy for noise pollution?

    Do you come across projects where the ‘science of silence’ could make a difference?


    We will show you how, with help from the Institute of Acoustics, we used that wisdom to create the most advanced noise reduction windows… and how our end-to-end process then optimises the impact of those products.

    The benefits go far beyond noise reduction: impacting security, profitability and thermal efficiency. And while we may go surprisingly deep in just sixty minutes, we’ll also keep it light and allow ample time for your questions.

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