Why It’s Always A Testing Time At Hugo Carter

June 21st, 2022

Here at Hugo Carter, we’re very proud of the high levels of satisfaction we’ve delivered to so many customers with our windows and doors. We’re also proud of the awards we’ve won with our Silent Windows.

Does that mean we think we’ve now created the perfect product and can happily rest on our laurels? Not for a second, which is why we spent a considerable time recently in our laboratory in Poland and our workshop in London, testing and refining our products to make them even better.

Lab Equipments

A Decibel Here, Two Decibels There…

One reason for going to the lab was that we had two new windows to test. We were also convinced we could improve the performance of some of the sash windows in our range.

We sat down with our engineers for a discussion about how we could make these existing windows even better, and by the time we finished there were four areas where we felt there might be potential improvements.

We dismantled one of those windows in our workshop, then took the materials to the laboratory, introduced the upgrades, tested that window again – and found that we had added another decibel to the level of reduction delivered by that window.

We then used our acoustic camera, which gives us a visual representation of where noise is coming through a window and pinpointed areas where the sound was still leaking.

Then it was back to the lab, where we installed new upgrades on the window, and we found another two decibels had been added to the performance of the window.

Now, a total of three decibels may not appear very much when you see them written down on paper. But for a property owner who is desperate to reduce noise pollution as much as possible, it makes a difference. It adds value to the product we can supply that will deliver peace of mind and a much quieter life to people using that property.

soundproofing windows uk

Why Our Quest For Improvement Is Never-Ending

It’s worth making the point that sash windows, given the fact that they are designed to be opened and closed rather than fixed shut, are the type of windows for which it is most difficult to come up with a perfect solution.

That makes it a challenge – but at Hugo Carter, we love a challenge. And we enjoy the task of improving our products because it means we can bring an even better service to clients, and in turn, add to our already high reputation for delivering outstanding products to people who really need them.

As a result, we look back at our most recent testing sessions in both Poland and London with a great deal of satisfaction. We managed to install upgrades on products that were already impressive.

That means we will make an even more positive impression on clients, and hopefully make more sales in the various parts of the country where we are now active.

But does it mean that we now think our products are perfect?

Not for a second.

When we get the chance, we will be back in the laboratory looking to test our products, make more enhancements and bring even better products to the market.

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