Why Hugo Carter Is Becoming Active in The Field Of Passive Houses

September 29th, 2022

At Hugo Carter, we refuse to rest on our laurels despite our multi-award-winning expertise in the science of silence.

While we are proud of the products and services we deliver to a wide variety of clients, we are constantly aware of the need to keep pace with the innovations available to create ever more efficient solutions.

Why Hugo Carter Is Becoming Active in The Field Of Passive Houses

This does not apply merely to noise reduction. Our award-winning window and door installations deliver incredible results to people who have come to us with issues related to excessive levels of sound penetrating their living spaces.

Another significant benefit of our windows and doors is thermal efficiency – which is why we have embraced the philosophy behind the concept of the Passive House.

Passive House sets the standard for thermal performance

Passive House is a standard for energy efficiency in a building. It had its roots in North America in the 1970s, when builders began to create structures that used virtually no energy. The overall effect is to reduce, as far as possible, the ecological footprint of any building.

Ultra-low energy buildings like these consume virtually no power in heating or cooling.

How does this coincide with the products created by Hugo Carter? Well, in addition to creating outstanding noise reduction solutions, our windows and doors also deliver exceptional thermal performance.


In an era when families and businesses are deeply concerned about the steep rises in the cost of energy, the creation of buildings that minimise the cost of heating and operating the installations that enable day-to-day life is clearly a valuable pursuit.

Given that passive houses represent the pinnacle in terms of energy efficiency, Hugo Carter’s capability in assisting in the delivery of such technically advanced constructions is an area of research well worth investigating.

How Hugo Carter Exceeds The Standards Of Passive House

In creating our award-winning silent windows, we have adapted the German methods typically used in passive houses – and improved them by incorporating noise reduction features and capabilities.

In Scotland, where we have completed several projects recently, we believe we have made great windows even better.

Owners of many Scottish homes value our products’ ability to withstand rain, wind and snow. But the ability to prevent heat loss is also a valuable asset. Our unique range of Hugo Carter storm-proof windows are characterised by their extreme efficiency and air-tightness.

secondary windows london

Indeed, these windows do not merely match the requirements sought by passive houses – they exceed them.

As time goes by, we are dedicated to implementing the standards of passive houses in the installations we create in Scotland and elsewhere.

The term “passive houses” does not quite cover the applications we are able to create. The high levels of energy efficiency that are integral to passive houses can also be delivered to office buildings, schools, and commercial premises.
And, while these high standards of thermal efficiency can be incorporated in new-build designs, they can also be applied to refurbishments.

Hugo Carter’s focus on passive houses will undoubtedly bring considerable benefits in terms of energy efficiency – and reduced costs – in Scotland and in other areas where we apply our market-leading understanding of the science of silence.

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