The Science Behind Acoustic Glazing

December 20th, 2023

Hugo Carter is a respected supplier of soundproof windows through its award-winning Silent Windows range. But the quality of our workmanship, the high standards of the materials we use and our focus on top-class customer service are only part of the picture.

Our expertise in delivering acoustic insulation for your home or commercial premises is firmly rooted in our knowledge of the science behind acoustic glazing.

The Power of Silence

Your home should be a place of comfort and security. Somewhere you can escape from the rigours of the world. And a big part of that is the ability to enjoy the place where you live in peace and quiet.

However, sometimes life’s not like that. You find your peace disturbed by noise from outside. It might be traffic, or planes flying overhead. Maybe you live close to a bustling town centre where the roads are constantly filled with traffic or round the corner from a busy railway station or late-night venue.

If you need to escape from sound pollution, you need acoustic installation. Hugo Carter’s award-winning range of soundproof windows are constructed using acoustic glass to deliver an extra level of protection from the noise of the outside world.

Our acoustic glazing enables you to harness the power of silence and make your home peaceful, soothing and enjoyable to live in.

What is Acoustic Glazing?

Acoustic glazing is a key element in Hugo Carter’s award-winning Silent Windows range. We use high-quality timber to create the frames of our soundproof windows, and we measure every installation to the millimetre to ensure a perfect fit.

But the acoustic glass that we use is the most important of the noise reduction materials that deliver the soundproofing qualities of our windows.

What is the difference between glass and acoustic glass? It’s all in the lamination. When we apply a layer of lamination to our glass, it makes the pane more rigid and reduces vibrations. That means it’s more efficient at blocking and reflecting the sound waves travelling toward your home.

You can measure the efficiency of any noise blocking materials with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. The higher the number, the better the acoustic glass performs – and our soundproof windows receive a high STC rating.

Because we understand the science behind sound, we can deploy the best noise control technology to deliver superlative levels of soundproofing in our windows.

Why is Noise Reduction Important?

Instinctively, we all know that living in a quieter home feels better than having to put up with unacceptable levels of external noise generated by planes, trains, or inconsiderate neighbours.

However, that instinct is backed up by science. Research has shown that people forced to live with high levels of noise pollution on a daily basis suffer elevated levels of stress and anxiety. Living like this can also lead to an increased risk of heart problems.

Noise reduction solutions such as acoustic installation can boost your mental and physical wellbeing. Customers who come to Hugo Carter seeking residential noise reduction tell us how much happier they are when we install soundproof windows and deliver a more peaceful and restful living space.

Benefits of Acoustic Glazing: Beyond Noise Reduction

As well as the noise reduction benefits delivered by acoustic glass, there are several other reasons why you might decide to install soundproof windows created by Hugo Carter in your home.

The first is energy efficiency. A well-fitted set of soundproof windows will protect your home against the rain, wind and cold, and cut down on the amount of heating escaping. That means you’ll need to use less fuel to stay warm, which is good news in an era of high energy bills.

The lamination applied to acoustic glass also adds a layer of protection against UV rays, while the extra toughness of these windows makes your home more secure. Many jewelry shops and banks use acoustic glazing to protect their goods and staff.

A quieter home also means your sleep is less likely to be disturbed by external noise in the night – and sleeping well is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Applications of Acoustic Glazing

The expertise of our trained designers and engineers means that we can build in acoustic insulation to windows right across our award-winning range. That means you can enjoy the benefits of acoustic glass in the following window types:

  • Sash windows: These remain incredibly popular with housebuilders and home owners alike. Check out our range to find a design we can build to suit you and your property.
  • Casement windows: Another type of window you’ll find in a host of homes and commercial properties all over the country. Our selection of casement windows can be installed in a range of homes.
  • High Performance windows: Our top-of-the-range installations provide extra acoustic insulation for property owners suffering from extreme levels of noise pollution.
  • Secondary windows: It may be appropriate to use secondary glazing to give you the best results from your soundproof windows. Our team will be able to advise you on this option.

Installation and Maintenance

One of the reasons why we have so many satisfied customers, and a reputation as a professional and trustworthy company, is that we go the extra mile to ensure your soundproof windows are installed to the highest standard.

This starts when our highly trained team measures your property. We make sure our measurements are so precise that, when our equally professional installers arrive to fit your new windows, they fit to the millimetre and deliver the superb levels of soundproofing you desire.

Our windows are constructed using high-quality materials, which means they are sturdy and long-lasting – and should require minimal maintenance. 

Is Acoustic Glazing Worth the Extra Cost?

Harnessing the power of acoustic insulation for your home may cost more than traditional double glazing – but we believe the extra expense represents good value for money.

Installing bespoke soundproof windows will deliver a range of benefits, not least superlative levels of sound reduction. Taking into account the increased energy efficiency and security of your property as well, the durable Silent Windows created and delivered by Hugo Carter are a sound long-term investment.

Embrace the Power of Silence

Acoustic glazing is at the heart of the award-winning range of soundproof windows from Hugo Carter that has delivered a high level of satisfaction to domestic and commercial customers alike.

If you want to decrease significantly the level of external noise penetrating your property, our windows can create a quieter, more peaceful and enjoyable living environment.

We believe everybody deserves to enjoy the power of silence. Your journey starts when you contact us – and the first person you speak to will be a specialist, not a salesperson.

They can discuss with you the benefits of acoustic insulation delivered by our soundproof windows, and will take the time to understand your situation and precise requirements. You can then proceed to a no-obligation site visit from which we can devise a detailed assessment of the work needed.

It all begins when you get in contact with us to begin our conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.    

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