Could Aluclad Windows Add an Extra Level Of Quality?

August 12th, 2022

At Hugo Carter, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. It would be tempting, having seen our Silent Windows win several awards, to put our feet up and rest on our laurels.

But that is not the Hugo Carter way. We are constantly striving for more, always looking to see if there is any possibility of making our superb noise reduction windows and doors even better.

It is this thirst for knowledge that led us to travel to Poland recently to visit a factory that specialises in the production of Aluclad windows.

As you might suspect from the name, aluclad windows incorporate aluminium into their design.

Aluminium is a metal that combines extreme toughness with great flexibility, which is why it is used in so many industrial contexts. And those qualities mean it can contribute to outstanding performance by windows and doors.

How Aluclad Windows Work Well Inside And Out?

So what are Aluclad windows, and how do they work?

The external facing elements of these windows are constructed from aluminium, while the internal structures of the frames are made from timber. Hugo Carter has always worked with wooden frames, believing top-quality timber provides the best soundproofing properties.

Wood also looks wonderful. Home owners enjoy the natural appearance that wood brings to their living spaces.

Aluclad windows, therefore, deliver the best of both worlds. You have the great natural look of wood on the inside, and the extremely high levels of performance of aluminium on the outside.

As well as creating a high level of noise reduction, we are proud of our windows’ weather-resistant properties. By fitting each of our installations with millimetric accuracy, we can ensure a home keeps out the wind, rain and snow while keeping in as much heat as possible – meaning a long-term reduction in your energy requirements and bills.

Aluclad windows score particularly highly in this context, which means they potentially have applications in certain types of home.

Would Your Home Benefit From Aluclad Windows?

Many of the clients Hugo Carter works with live on or near the coast. Several others are based in Scotland. These are locations in which it is particularly important to install windows with excellent weatherproofing qualities.

The fact that aluclad windows can deliver noise reduction and thermal efficiency means they could be a compelling solution in seaside homes, and those north of the border.

Their qualities also make them ideal for use in passive houses. This is a type of property that uses ultra-low levels of energy and has the smallest ecological footprint possible. 

environmentally friendly potential of passive houses, and aluclad windows could play a significant role going forward as we explore the possibilities available to us and our clients.

The only type of homes where aluclad windows may not be appropriate are listed buildings, or those in conservation areas. Aluminium exteriors may not fit with the traditional appearance that local authorities want to see preserved during any developments in those types of properties.

However, if you have a more modern home, or a new build, aluclad windows could be just what you are looking for. Talk to us at Hugo Carter to find out more.

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