Why Hotel Owners Should Upgrade To A Silent Window

Learn how to decrease noise in your hotel and reduce the number of damaging noise complaints you get from your guests.

July 12th, 2021

Why Hotel Owners Should Upgrade To A Silent Window

Many hotel owners across the UK have now benefited from installing Silent Windows from Hugo Carter. Discussing window noise reduction with us has delivered a range of benefits to hoteliers with establishments of all shapes, sizes and styles.

Many hotels, especially those in city centres or at airports, have problems due to noise during their designated quiet times, typically after 11 pm and before 8 am. Late-night pubs and bars are a particular headache. Heavy traffic can cause issues too. Airport hotels, of course, have take-offs and landings to cope with around the clock. What difference can investing in sound reducing windows make?

The good news is our clients have reported significant improvements to their business through installing new windows designed specifically to reduce noise. By soundproofing against aircraft noise, traffic noise and anti-social noise in this way, hotel owners have helped their guests enjoy a quiet, restful sleep. As a result, they typically receive fewer complaints and can charge premium rates for their rooms.

In this blog, we’ll share thoughts on how best to reduce noise in a hotel room and achieve results your guests will thank you for.

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Noise and how it affects your guests?

Why do hotels ask for expert help when it comes to noise reduction for windows? The answer is getting it wrong can cause significant irritation and complaints – over 10% of all hotel complaints are about outside noise according to ehotelier research. More seriously, lack of sleep over the long term can impact negatively on your guest’s well-being.

The benefits of good sleep

By installing sound-insulated windows and keeping guest’s sleep free from noise interruption, you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to their health. A full eight hours rest has been shown to have direct medical benefits including;

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved brain function and concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Lower heart disease risk
  • Healthier weight control
  • Strengthened immune system

Science tells us that if your guests’ sleep is interrupted, the resulting anxiousness and stress make them considerably more likely to complain.

Bad sleep is bad for business too. 86% of people say they are less likely to recommend a hotel if they experience noise. Disturbed sleep is one of the key reasons customers choose to blacklist hotels and discount future visits too.

Are soundproof windows worth the investment? Whether you measure guest well-being or the bottom line, the evidence suggests they are.

Why are windows important at reducing noise?

The secret to creating restful quiet hotel rooms is stopping excessive sound waves from getting to your guests. The fact sound waves travel more easily through glass and PVC than they do through brickwork is why the focus of noise reduction is usually hotel room windows.

Replacing your windows with fully soundproofed alternatives will have the biggest impact on outside noise. Double-glazing may help but typically reduces noise by only 30 decibels. It rarely goes far enough when faced with urban, traffic or aircraft noise, which can reach 140 decibels during take-off for example.

The best results come when hoteliers face the problem and install a new window or windows designed specifically to reduce noise. It is important to work with suitably qualified suppliers and installers and ask for an onsite visit. Audio measurements can be taken that will help you choose the right solution.

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Why should hotel owners look to upgrade their windows?

One of the most cost-effective ways you can boost bookings is to create a comfortable welcoming environment for guests. Upgrading to soundproof windows applies the science of silence too meaning you can reduce the noise levels in your hotel and improve the satisfaction of your guests.

If you’re considering upgrading your windows it may be worth asking for a noise survey. Analysing sources of noise will help identify the next steps and get you the best window and noise reduction for your business.

How do Soundproof Windows work?

The cost of installing a new window to reduce noise needs balancing against the potential benefits. To help, it is worth taking the time to briefly explain how soundproof windows work.

High-quality timber frames dampen sound and vibration. Soundproof windows glass is specially constructed to both absorb and deflect sound waves away from your guests. A beautifully crafted made-to-measure fit is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle required.

Hugo Carter is the UK’s leading Soundproof Windows manufacturer and installer, so we can help you through the process from beginning to end.

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What types of windows are suitable for Hotels?

There is a huge range of options suitable for hotels. Picking the right ones will depend on what you are looking to achieve. Talk to us about any of the following.

Acoustic Glass Windows

Acoustic glass is laminated to give it incredibly powerful sound reduction properties. It is ideal if your hotel has particularly challenging noise issues.

Casement Windows

Our Heritage Range Casement Windows are designed specifically to meet the requirements for a hotel in a listed building or conservation area. We have contemporary designs too that make a stylish addition to any property.

Sash Windows

Our timber sash windows are a modern interpretation of the original. They also provide all of the beauty of the real thing paired with added noise control. Specially designed spring sash windows are available for rooms where traditional box sash options are not practicable.

High-Performance Windows

Our high-performance windows combine the best features of traditional sash and casement designs, with a unique ‘tilt and turn’ design. This means that it effectively offers the best of both worlds – acting as a casement window when you want the whole window open, and sash-esque with the tilt. All with the amazing noise reducing qualities you would expect from us.

Bespoke Timber Windows

Not all hotel rooms are the same. We are experts in bespoke timber windows, so can help design and create attractive and effective soundproofing into any space you need without sacrificing quality.

Noise Reduction Windows

Hugo Carter Noise Reduction Windows are expertly designed with your guests’ sleep in mind. They incorporate special noise reduction glass and superior quality timber frames. Our windows are installed with acoustic performance fitting materials to ensure the very best in soundproofing your rooms. They are the best solution we offer for you, your guests and your business.

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