How Our Expertise Is Guiding A Major Potential Investment In Malta

September 29th, 2022

There are times when Hugo Carter’s expertise in noise reduction doors and windows can have an enormous impact on a multi-million-pound business decision.

The majority of our clients in the UK and elsewhere are the owners of homes and small businesses. They want to be absolutely sure that their properties are benefiting from the best technology that reduces the disruption caused by noise to an absolute minimum.

However, our knowledge of noise reduction technology can be called into action as part of a far bigger project.

Hugo Carter was contacted recently by an investor who is considering a major development in Malta – and our insight could be a key factor in his decision to proceed.

When Bells Are Not A Ringing Endorsement

Malta is a glittering jewel in the Mediterranean. The island has a long and fascinating history, and a location that makes it ideal for tourists looking for a break from the travails of their daily lives.

More than one million people choose Malta as a holiday destination every year. And, as well as the chance to visit many of the historic sites on the island, they are looking for relaxation, peace and quiet.

Which is why the investor in question was so eager to speak with Hugo Carter. He has identified a perfect site for a five-star luxury hotel that would undoubtedly draw visitors from across the world.

There is, however, one small problem.

When Bells Are Not A Ringing Endorsement

The site he has picked out is very close to one of Malta’s historic churches. The bells at this church chime twice each day – at 6 am and 6 pm.

Now, we all know that the noise of church bells can be charming and soothing. But not at 6 am – and not when they are right next door!

Indeed, the noise level of the chiming bells has been measured at 90 decibels. That’s the same level of sound as a powerful lawn mower, a noisy restaurant – and a busy road full of heavy traffic.

Our Engineers’ Chime Management Project

Our Engineers’ Chime Management Project

Naturally, the investor in question came to Hugo Carter. He had heard of our award-winning noise reduction solutions and hoped that we might come up with an answer to the problem of such loud bells.

Our acoustic engineers are now in the process of conducting tests on the site. The data that those tests produce will give us enough information to test the viability of a design that incorporates the ideal noise reduction system.

Our in-depth analysis of the various frequencies at which the bells chime will determine whether or not it is possible to develop such a system.

That, in turn, will give the investor a definitive answer to the question: Is it viable to build a luxury hotel in such a location, or not?

Ultimately, if anybody can come up with such a solution – Hugo Carter can.
This is yet another illustration of the ways in which our knowledge of the science of silence can help business owners, as well as householders.

We will, of course, update you on the progress of the project in question in future newsletters and blogs.

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