See the Trustpilot review that changed everything

Few things are more damaging to a hotel than a bad review. And the single most common complaint amongst hotel guests - and also a primary reason for them not returning - is noise.

September 4th, 2017

“If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, this is not the hotel for you.

It’s hard to imagine a more damaging review than this. It’s not surprising that that review provide to be a turning point for that particular hotel. What is surprising is that it signalled a positive change in the hotel’s fortunes.

How so?

Realising that they simply couldn’t afford to do nothing, the hotel acted. They invested in creating a number of quiet rooms for their guests. And the positive impacts have been significant:

  • Zero complaints from guests in the quiet rooms
  • A positive marketing edge over neighbouring hotel.
  • The ability to offer a blissful night’s sleep in the centre of London
  • A tangible shift in the happiness of guests, and the morale of staff

Given the various ways in which external noise, especially in London, is on the rise – with an expected increase in air and road traffic – this is a problem that is likely to escalate. And if you doubt how important noise is to hotel guests, consider this.

  • Noise was and is the major complaint among hotel guests
  • Only 25% of noise complaints are reported


Want a few more details? Consider these:

  • 68% of hotel guests are more likely to leave a negative hotel review after a bad experience than they are to leave a positive review after a good experience
  • 86% of people are less likely to recommend a hotel if they had a bad noise-related experience
  • 82% of people are less likely to stay in a hotel if they see multiple bad reviews

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