The Trust Pilot Hotel Review That Changed Everything

Few things are more damaging to a hotel than a bad review. And the single most common complaint amongst hotel guests - and also a primary reason for them not returning - is noise interrupting their sleep.

February 23rd, 2021

“If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, this is not the hotel for you.”

It’s hard to imagine a more damaging review for a hotel than the above. It’s not surprising that it’s a review that proved to be a turning point for that particular hotel. Ultimately, and perhaps surprisingly, it turned out to signal a positive change in the hotel’s fortunes.

You can read more about how we have helped this, and other hotelier clients, on our website.

Why soundproofing hotel windows is important

The hotel owners simply could not afford to ignore such poor feedback, they acted. They explored soundproofing their windows for the first time and spoke to us. Our soundproofing helped them create a number of quiet rooms for their guests. The positive impacts have been significant:

  • Zero complaints from guests in the quiet rooms
  • A positive marketing edge over neighbouring hotels.
  • The ability to offer a blissful night’s sleep in the centre of London
  • A tangible shift in the happiness of guests, and the morale of staff

Given the various ways in which external noise, especially in London, is on the rise, it is clear this is a problem that is only going to escalate rather than decline. If you doubt how important noise is to hotel guests, consider this industry research.

  • Excess noise was, and is, the major complaint among hotel guests
  • Only 25% of people unhappy about noise bother to complain

Why reducing hotel noise complaints makes a difference

Want a few more details about customer behaviour? Consider these points.

  • 68% of hotel guests are more likely to leave a negative hotel review after a bad experience than they are to leave a positive review after a good experience
  • 86% of people are less likely to recommend a hotel if they had a bad noise-related experience
  • 82% of people are less likely to stay in a hotel if they see multiple bad reviews

It is because of the above statistics, Hugo Carter has committed to helping hoteliers reduce noise complaints with a range of specialist soundproofing products and services. Reviews matter and to ensure good ones, it is important your customers enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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