Our latest step towards mastering the Science of Silence

November 14th, 2022

We proudly boast at Hugo Carter that the windows and doors we supply to clients are created using the Science of Silence.

We also make no secret of the fact that we are dedicated to constantly seeking out ways in which we can deliver Silent Windows that bring even greater noise reduction benefits to our customers.

These twin drivers of our company mission came together recently when we attended a one-week Institute of Acoustics course at KP Acoustics, run by our old friends from Solent University, Southampton.

This is the institute where our engineers are trained to ensure they deliver windows and doors that are created using the very best noise-reduction techniques. The course in question, however, was designed to enhance our understanding of sound even further.

How understanding noise assessment can take us to another level

By the time you read this, Hugo Carter should have taken delivery of yet another professional qualification – a Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Assessment. We had to achieve a mark of 75% in the examination that concluded the course, and we are confident we have done that.

This latest certification demonstrates to our marketplace that we have an insatiable appetite to learn more about how sound is created, how it spreads – and, therefore, how it can be combated by our installations. The techniques we learned in the course can be applied to the work we do on a week-by-week basis.

It is worth pointing out that we were the only company working in the manufacture of noise reduction windows to attend this particular edition of the course.

We were surrounded by people who work for local councils across the country, who wished to learn about how to carry out noise assessments. Also in the room were people who work for events companies, including organisers of concerts and festivals, as well as industry representatives eager to learn how to measure environmental noise in factories.

Applying our scientific knowledge delivers improved service to clients

So what did we learn? We gained a deeper understanding of how noise is created and how it spreads. By doing that, we know better how to measure it, how to mitigate noise pollution – and, in turn, how to design better products and deliver an even better service to our customers.

Hugo Carter - Engineers - Noise Analysers - Silent Windows

We learned about how sound is absorbed in the atmosphere, how it is refracted by the wind, and how it can be diffracted by physical barriers. We learned about how sound propagates from its source depending on the nature of that source and the environment through which it moves.

We also learned how to use incredibly complicated logarithmic formulas. We were able to work out the answer to questions such as the reasons why sound travels further on a misty day.

Our customers don’t need to know those answers, or to understand those formulas. However, the fact that we at Hugo Carter now have that greater level of insight means we can translate it into the delivery of an even better service to our marketplace. All of it underpinned, as it always has been, by the Science of Silence.

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