This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

August 23rd, 2022

Relationships are at the heart of all successful businesses. Alliances between like-minded and complementary organisations can lead to significant commercial benefits for all parties involved.

That is why Hugo Carter is so proud and excited to be working in partnership with the Longley Group, an operation noted for the extremely high standard of the construction projects it delivers for a wide variety of clients.

This is a move that underscores Hugo Carter’s status as a provider of top-quality windows and doors. We have signed up as a preferred supplier to the Longley Group, and we are already working together with our new friends on a multiple housing project at Norman Road in Ilford, on the eastern side of London.

All of the team at Hugo Carter are delighted about this partnership, which highlights the growing prominence of our thriving commercial arm.

Hugo Carter has a tremendous record of success in delivering Silent Windows to residential properties in a host of locations across the UK. However, we know our high-end installations are a compelling solution for a host of commercial enterprises too.

Longley Group – An Operation With Vision And Ambition

The Longley Group was established more than a decade ago and has since forged a glowing reputation as a provider of high-end construction consultancy services. From its headquarters in Kent, it often has more than 50 live projects in progress at any time.

As well as working on the construction of residential properties, the Longley Group is also active in creating great spaces in large projects across education, healthcare, leisure, retail and commercial property development.

Its stated vision is to be “the construction company of choice in the UK across a number of market sectors”, an aspiration it pursues through a fusion of professionalism and outstanding customer service.

At Hugo Carter, we are confident that our Silent Windows will add considerable lustre to our initial collaboration – and that we will be working alongside the Longley Group on a series of exciting projects stretching into the future.

Cultural Fit At The Heart Of The New Relationship

It bears reiterating that all of the team at Hugo Carter is extremely excited by the opportunity represented by this new venture. We genuinely hope our work alongside the Longley Group will be a long and happy relationship.

At its core is a cultural fit. Whenever Hugo Carter works closely with a partner, in any commercial context, it is important that we see the world in the same way.

For instance, Longley’s core business values are quality, transparency, safety and service – all qualities that we prize highly here at Hugo Carter.

We hope that our work with the Longley Group sets a high bar for all future relationships of this kind.

If you are a high-end operator that wishes to work alongside Hugo Carter, and to incorporate the quality of our award-winning Silent Windows in your projects, we will be delighted to hear from you.

In the immediate future, however, we look forward to sharing with you the stories of the work we are carrying out in conjunction with the Longley Group.

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