Silent Night – Silent Windows featured in London’s The Resident Magazine

With noise pollution increasing in the capital, Silent Windows by Hugo Carter offers bespoke solutions for a tranquil home.

February 24th, 2020


Living in London, it often feels like everything that’s needed for family life is right on the doorstep. World-class schools, fantastic restaurants and all the benefits of city life are within easy distance. But, with all these amazing features, comes the intolerable consequence of noise.

With busy roads and five major airports across the capital, there is hardly a spot which remains untouched by noise pollution. One of the most frustrating things about the constant disturbance is the difficulty to relax in your own home, with road noise sometimes restricting chances to even
watch the television.

Not only does this have an enormous impact on rest, but the World Health Organisation (WHO) regional office for Europe suggests on their website that noise can to lead to serious health complications, including cardiovascular effects and high stress. The WHO also estimates that one in five Europeans are exposed to sound levels at night, from traffic and other sources, that can be linked to damaging health.

All of this is less than ideal when you’ve paid a great deal of money to buy your own personal haven away from the stress of the city. And, while moving to the countryside seems an appealing option, losing out on the benefits of London and uprooting your family is also a stress in and of its own. Most people think the only fix to such a problem is double glazing.

opening curtains

But the high levels of noise pollution in the capital means that sometimes these are not even an effective enough fix. Silent Windows by Hugo Carter offer a solution through their soundproofed timber windows, which aim to make a peaceful home for families struggling for a good night’s rest around London. The Chiswick-based company are a leading manufacturer in the UK at offering soundproof sash windows, casement windows and doors, all based around high-quality timber frames.

‘It’s about being able to improve the quality of living by simply changing the windows and having a nice quiet environment inside,’ He adds: ‘You can’t really relax if you live in a very noisy area. Subconsciously you’re stressed and that doesn’t help your health.’ By using materials typically
used to build recording studios at the installation stage, the company offer only the most acoustically effective materials.

Their surveyors, designers and installers have all been trained by experts from the Institute of Acoustics at Southampton Solent University, which means that every member holds soundproofing right at the heart of the practice. The windows also are made bespoke so the team design them with interior décor in mind and can be stained to any colour needed.

Given their proven record with hotels like the Radisson hotel on Tottenham Court Road at cancelling out central London traffic, it’s clear that they’re experts at creating the quietest spaces in the noisiest places.

Download the pdf here.

As featured in March 2018.

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