How Hugo Carter delivers RIBA-accredited CPD sessions

August 12th, 2022

One of the proudest moments in Hugo Carter’s recent history arrived in 2021, when we became accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as a provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training.

CPD is an important activity for many people and organisations involved in the provision of products and services that are created by trained professionals.

Architects are required to collect a certain number of CPD points each year by attending training courses and workshops that teach them more about their profession.

Hugo Carter is particularly proud that the seminars we deliver actually count double in terms of the CPD points they earn for each attendee.

We recently attended a fascinating networking forum for RIBA’s CPD providers.

This was an all-day event at the Royal College of Physicians in London, at which we joined 400 other RIBA-accredited organisations to exchange ideas and experiences.

Why RIBA Accreditation Means So Much To Hugo Carter

RIBA is the most important organisation in British architecture. Almost 30,000 chartered architects are members of this association, which is by far the most important and influential body working in its sphere in the UK today.

To be a member of RIBA is to tell the world that you are qualified and trustworthy. RIBA sets the tone for architecture and building design in this country, and any association with it represents an important relationship for a business in this field.

One of the reasons we were interested to attend the forum in central London was to learn a little more about the process by which we earned our accreditation.

RIBA employs its own architects to carry out research and due diligence that ensures any organisation thus accredited is sharing with architects truthful, factual and relevant information.

It was fascinating to meet leading figures from RIBA. It was also instructive to meet many other businesses that are accredited by the institute. Some companies in the room have whole departments dedicated to the delivery of CPD on behalf of RIBA; it was also intriguing to discover that 60 percent of RIBA’s accredited businesses have held that status for more than five years.

What Architects Learn At Our CPD Seminars

Hugo Carter has now started to deliver in-person seminars that carry the precious hallmark of RIBA accreditation. We visit architectural practices to help their teams to understand the Science of Silence.

Our seminar goes into great detail, looking at how sound is created and how it can be combated to the benefit of home owners and landlords who want to reduce the level of noise within their properties.

We also share details of the materials and processes that mean Hugo Carter is able to create and install award-winning noise-reduction windows and doors.

Attendees at our sessions also learn about the different types of solutions that are available when people want to enjoy a better quality of life within their homes.

It is worth reiterating just how proud we are as a team and a company to be working so closely in this way with an organisation as respected and influential as RIBA. If you would like to know how our solutions can help you, please get in touch.

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