Window Replacement in a Conservation Area

March 12th, 2018

Window Replacement in a Conservation Area

Here at Hugo Carter we are huge fans of Conservation Areas, that is because we appreciate the love, care and attention that goes into maintaining these wonderful places for our generation and future generations to enjoy.


The most recent meaningful report on Conservation Areas was published in 2012 by the London School of Economics. The report analysed over 1 million property transactions in over 8,000 Conservation Areas and the key findings included…

  • Houses in a Conservation Area sell for a premium of 9% on average
  • Property prices inside Conservation Areas grew at a rate that exceeded comparable properties by 0.2% per year
  • There was no negative attitude toward planning regulations
  • Strong planning control was linked back to positively protecting the coherence of a neighbourhood


So, if you are lucky enough to live or work in a Conservation Area, well done, you chose very wisely indeed.


Of course, there are challenges to be faced but these additional responsibilities are in place for very good reason and while the various ‘hoops to jump through’ may seem infuriating at times they are more than worth it in the end.


Am I allowed to repair or replace my windows?

It is important to remember that your building is protected against major alteration, these regulations are more onerous if your building is located in an area covered by an Article 4 Direction. This simply means that you may be required to seek planning permission ahead of any work that might alter the fabric or look of the property.

We have huge experience in this field and we are always happy to advise before you either make an application or decide you do not need to. Beware though, even the most innocent of mistakes can lead to expensive repercussions. Our advice… check first.


We work closely with local authorities and our experience goes a long way to knowing the correct questions to ask and the most appropriate way to submit plans and requests. No glazing company can guarantee success with a planning application but a touch of professional nous certainly does no harm.


Can Hugo Carter replace my windows?

Subject to receipt of the relevant permissions, yes we can.

Our skilled technicians are specially trained to repair or replace windows in Conservation Areas and working with architects, designers and planning authorities is part of our job. We take great pride in fitting windows that are entirely sympathetic to the original design, we can even repair existing windows ‘invisibly’ making them more efficient in reducing noise and retaining warmth.


Repair or Replace?

It really is up to you, we can handle any glazing commission and as we said earlier, we have a real love for conservation area projects.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured of the same level of service that has firmly established Hugo Carter as specialists in our field. Please call for an informal chat if you have any questions about glazing options in Conservation Areas, it will be a pleasure to help.


Have you considered Upgrading to Double Glazing in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building?


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