Why Hugo Carter was commissioned to work at a prestigious Kensington address

September 30th, 2022

There are many reasons why the owners of residential and commercial properties engage Hugo Carter to deliver our award-winning Silent Windows.

The quality of our workmanship wins over many people, as does our commitment to customer service and the flexibility with which we create genuinely bespoke solutions.

One of the other principal reasons is that we pay attention to detail. People trust us to take on board all of their requirements – and external considerations, such as those imposed when you work in a conservation area.

Hugo Carter has recently been commissioned to work on a project in just such a location, the Queen’s Gate conservation area in the upmarket west London borough of Kensington.
There are numerous strict rules and guidelines you have to follow when you are creating a new installation in places like this.

The most important is that your new windows need to match the look and character of the building in question while delivering the level of modern performance that the owner expects.

Interior designers trust Hugo Carter to deliver high-end solutions

We have experience working with many conservation officers, and we know this consideration is a top priority at the apartment in question, which is located in Hyde Park Gate, an Edwardian block close to Kensington Gardens. That is why the interior designer who is engaged in delivering a high-end solution recommended that Hugo Carter be invited to create new windows for the apartment.

Hyde Park Gate is the very epitome of exclusive residential accommodation. We are aware of the necessity to protect all of our client’s furniture, flooring and artwork while we are carrying out our duties.

Image from Buildington

Our client’s property is close to several embassies, and the former homes of Winston Churchill and Virginia Woolf are very close by.

One of Woolf’s most famous novels was her 1931 work The Waves – now we are working to ensure as few sound waves as possible penetrate the apartment in question.

Preserving the peace of a home within a conservation area

The owner of the apartment lives overseas but wants a London residence for the summer months. Our contribution will be the creation, delivery and installation of no fewer than 24 casement windows.

Each one of the windows will need to be measured and constructed with millimetric accuracy. As you will see from the pictures here, some of the window frames will be curved, although the panes we supply will be flat. That represents a challenge – but one that our highly trained team will meet.

There is also a pattern that needs to be incorporated on every pane we supply, and many of the single-glazing panes will also be led. The end result will be an installation that delivers as high a degree of noise reduction as possible when working within the constraints of a conservation area.

This is particularly appropriate given that the apartment is about a quarter of a mile from one of London’s most famous musical venues, the Royal Albert Hall.

We have complete confidence that, no matter how lustily the crowd sings at the Last Night of the Proms, our client will remain undisturbed by the noise!

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