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acoustic secondary glazing

The Science Behind Acoustic Glazing

20th December 2023

Hugo Carter is a respected supplier of soundproof windows through its award-winning Silent Windows range. But the quality of our workmanship, the high standards of the materials we use and our focus on top-class customer service are only part of the picture. Our expertise in delivering acoustic insulation for your home or commercial premises is […]

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SW Out of Hospital

SoundProof Windows May Keep You Out Of Hospital

31st August 2023

We have long known that living on the flight path of a major airport can damage homeowners’ health and well-being. Excessive noise, disrupted sleep and stress can lead to fatigue, hypertension, heart disease, cognitive impairment and poor mental health. The problem of noise from Heathrow Airport’s flight path, in particular, is a significant and long-standing […]

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2022 Building Innovation Awards Hugo Carter Team

Hugo Carter’s latest badge of honour from the Building Innovation Awards

14th December 2022

It has been said that if the greatest pleasure in life is to win, the second greatest is to lose. At Hugo Carter, we have vivid recent reasons to agree heartily with this observation. You may have noticed that our website now carries a logo telling the world we were a finalist at the 2022 […]

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The Science of Silence

Our latest step towards mastering the Science of Silence

14th November 2022

We proudly boast at Hugo Carter that the windows and doors we supply to clients are created using the Science of Silence. We also make no secret of the fact that we are dedicated to constantly seeking out ways in which we can deliver Silent Windows that bring even greater noise reduction benefits to our […]

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Kensington Gate

Why Hugo Carter was commissioned to work at a prestigious Kensington address

30th September 2022

There are many reasons why the owners of residential and commercial properties engage Hugo Carter to deliver our award-winning Silent Windows. The quality of our workmanship wins over many people, as does our commitment to customer service and the flexibility with which we create genuinely bespoke solutions. One of the other principal reasons is that […]

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rising energy costs

How a Hugo Carter installation can help the struggle against rising energy costs

The award-winning Silent Windows produced by Hugo Carter is best known for its noise reduction capabilities. However, the fact that they are measured to the millimetre to fit snugly into any property also means that they allow less heat to escape. Keeping more heat in means that you do not have to expend so much […]

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Why Hugo Carter Is Becoming Active in The Field Of Passive Houses

Why Hugo Carter Is Becoming Active in The Field Of Passive Houses

29th September 2022

At Hugo Carter, we refuse to rest on our laurels despite our multi-award-winning expertise in the science of silence. While we are proud of the products and services we deliver to a wide variety of clients, we are constantly aware of the need to keep pace with the innovations available to create ever more efficient […]

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How Our Expertise Is Guiding A Major Potential Investment In Malta

How Our Expertise Is Guiding A Major Potential Investment In Malta

There are times when Hugo Carter’s expertise in noise reduction doors and windows can have an enormous impact on a multi-million-pound business decision. The majority of our clients in the UK and elsewhere are the owners of homes and small businesses. They want to be absolutely sure that their properties are benefiting from the best […]

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This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

23rd August 2022

Relationships are at the heart of all successful businesses. Alliances between like-minded and complementary organisations can lead to significant commercial benefits for all parties involved. That is why Hugo Carter is so proud and excited to be working in partnership with the Longley Group, an operation noted for the extremely high standard of the construction […]

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RIBA Session

How Hugo Carter delivers RIBA-accredited CPD sessions

12th August 2022

One of the proudest moments in Hugo Carter’s recent history arrived in 2021, when we became accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as a provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training. CPD is an important activity for many people and organisations involved in the provision of products and services that are created […]

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Could Aluclad Windows Add an Extra Level Of Quality?

At Hugo Carter, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. It would be tempting, having seen our Silent Windows win several awards, to put our feet up and rest on our laurels. But that is not the Hugo Carter way. We are constantly striving for more, always looking to see if there is any […]

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driving in speedway

I Feel No Need, No Need For Speedway

21st June 2022

Speedway was a big sport in the UK in the years just after the Second World War. Britain was one of the leading exponents of this form of motorcycle racing that takes place on an oval track with bikes that have only one gear and a top speed of 70mph. One thing that you will […]

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testing time at Hugo Carter

Why It’s Always A Testing Time At Hugo Carter

Here at Hugo Carter, we’re very proud of the high levels of satisfaction we’ve delivered to so many customers with our windows and doors. We’re also proud of the awards we’ve won with our Silent Windows. Does that mean we think we’ve now created the perfect product and can happily rest on our laurels? Not […]

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hotel windows

Why Hotel Owners Should Upgrade To A Silent Window

12th July 2021

Why Hotel Owners Should Upgrade To A Silent Window Many hotel owners across the UK have now benefited from installing Silent Windows from Hugo Carter. Discussing window noise reduction with us has delivered a range of benefits to hoteliers with establishments of all shapes, sizes and styles. Many hotels, especially those in city centres or […]

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trust pilot review

The Trust Pilot Hotel Review That Changed Everything

23rd February 2021

“If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, this is not the hotel for you.” It’s hard to imagine a more damaging review for a hotel than the above. It’s not surprising that it’s a review that proved to be a turning point for that particular hotel. Ultimately, and perhaps surprisingly, it turned out to […]

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Silent Light

Silent Light – TV property presenter Martin Roberts discusses Silent Windows in Property & Home magazine

24th November 2020

Words by Martin Roberts, Celebrity Angel Property & Home magazine According to a European Union study, about 40 percent of the population is exposed to dangerous levels of road traffic noise, with children, the chronically ill, the elderly and shift workers particularly prone to health effects from noise pollution. One of the easiest improvement we […]

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woman sleeping

Silent Night – Silent Windows featured in London’s The Resident Magazine

24th February 2020

Words FAY WATSON Living in London, it often feels like everything that’s needed for family life is right on the doorstep. World-class schools, fantastic restaurants and all the benefits of city life are within easy distance. But, with all these amazing features, comes the intolerable consequence of noise. With busy roads and five major airports […]

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Jacob Figura (Managing Director) and Tomasz Zalewski (Director of Operations)

WINNERS! HUGO CARTER: Best Window & Door Manufacturers 2019 AND SILENT WINDOWS: Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product

8th October 2019

The team at Hugo Carter is delighted to be winners of the UK Enterprise Award 2019: Best Window & Door Manufacturers AND Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product for SILENT WINDOWS. The UK Enterprise Awards are kindly organised by AI Global Media, a UK based publisher of B2B digital magazines and were founded in 2010. SME News […]

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Hugo Carter Sponsor Ham Polo Club

25th September 2019

Who is Hugo Carter? Leading manufacturer of noise reduction windows & doors in the UK, we have installed thousands of Silent Windows in the Richmond area, all over London and the UK. Richmond and neighbouring areas are badly affected by noise from Heathrow flightpath, so Ham Polo Club is at the epicentre of Hugo Carter’s […]

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soundproof Sash Windows part

Noise Reducing Glazing – A Guide

16th May 2018

Noise Reducing Glazing – A Guide Improvements in manufacturing techniques have not only made noise-reducing glazing much more efficient at cancelling noise but also considerably more cost-effective than you might imagine making it possible to significantly reduce noise through windows. A specialized glazing system, also occasionally referred to as acoustic glass, it is used in pre-fitted […]

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Listed building

Upgrading to Double Glazing in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building

12th March 2018

What is a Conservation Area? Conservation Areas are defined and designated by Historic England in order to protect places of special architectural or historical interest. This wonderful organisation acts as guardian to the cultural and architectural heritage of which we are all so proud, preserving unique and distinctive buildings for the pleasure of future generations. […]

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silent windows at home

Window Replacement in a Conservation Area

Window Replacement in a Conservation Area Here at Hugo Carter we are huge fans of Conservation Areas, that is because we appreciate the love, care and attention that goes into maintaining these wonderful places for our generation and future generations to enjoy.   The most recent meaningful report on Conservation Areas was published in 2012 […]

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Soundproof Sash Window

Soundproof Windows versus Secondary Glazing, a Few Facts

Soundproof Windows versus Secondary Glazing, a Few Facts Noise is something that many of us accept to live with, a normal part of everyday life in the modern world. The city dweller may become almost immune to the roar of traffic, the revving of a passing engine, the annoying buzz of a moped. Country living […]

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Oxfordshire listed building

Listed buildings and architectural glazing

Listed buildings and architectural glazing As the owner of a listed building of whatever Grade, you will be completely aware of the challenges surrounding any sort of change. Here at Hugo Carter we know the joys and frustrations that can be involved with developing a listed building more than anyone else and you will be […]

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Timber wood carving

Why always timber and never UVPC?

31st October 2017

When it comes to constructing noise reduction windows and doors, there are certain things we won’t touch with a bargepole. (Not even a fine oak bargepole.) We’re talking about ‘hollow’ materials such as aluminium and UPVC that ‘leak’ noise and are highly unlikely to last you a lifetime. By contrast, what we insist on building […]

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How does NASA prepare astronauts for the silence of space?

And let’s throw another question into the mix, for good measure: “Why is the quietest place on earth so noisy?” In our pursuit of creating a tranquillity that transforms, we do have some memorable ‘aha’ moments. Such as? When we realised that it’s actually possible to have ‘too much’ quiet. … and that there’s a […]

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So how many decibels are ‘healthy’?

It’s not a question that many of us know the answer to. But it’s an important one, and for us, it’s an absolutely essential one – especially when we’re doing our first calculations at a property during an initial visit. ‘Zero’ decibel is the so-called hearing threshold for the human ear. (That doesn’t mean there’s […]

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Bespoke windows made to measure

The Beauty of Bespoke. (How our noise reduction products are made to measure. To the decibel and to the millimetre.)

28th October 2017

Some words we hear so often that they become meaningless. Others are used in so many different ways, their exact meaning is unclear. So – right now – let’s be clear exactly what we mean when we say we offer ‘bespoke’ windows. Every single one of our windows is unique. And it isn’t just ‘made […]

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Conservation area

Resolving a recurring conservation conundrum

4th September 2017

And if you’re living in an area where the outside noise level is seriously disrupting your home life, then things can get even more complicated. This was exactly the situation for a client who lived in (add location) and their young family was struggling to sleep at night. As the level of noise reduction needed […]

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