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Noise Reducing Glazing – A Guide

16th May 2018

Noise Reducing Glazing – A Guide Improvements in manufacturing techniques have not only made noise-reducing glazing much more efficient at cancelling noise but also considerably more cost-effective than you might imagine making it possible to significantly reduce noise through windows. A specialized glazing system, also occasionally referred to as acoustic glass, it is used in pre-fitted […]

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Soundproof Sash Window

Soundproof Windows versus Secondary Glazing, a Few Facts

12th March 2018

Soundproof Windows versus Secondary Glazing, a Few Facts Noise is something that many of us accept to live with, a normal part of everyday life in the modern world. The city dweller may become almost immune to the roar of traffic, the revving of a passing engine, the annoying buzz of a moped. Country living […]

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Oxfordshire listed building

Listed buildings and architectural glazing

Listed buildings and architectural glazing As the owner of a listed building of whatever Grade, you will be completely aware of the challenges surrounding any sort of change. Here at Hugo Carter we know the joys and frustrations that can be involved with developing a listed building more than anyone else and you will be […]

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Timber wood carving

Why always timber and never UVPC?

31st October 2017

When it comes to constructing noise reduction windows and doors, there are certain things we won’t touch with a bargepole. (Not even a fine oak bargepole.) We’re talking about ‘hollow’ materials such as aluminium and UPVC that ‘leak’ noise and are highly unlikely to last you a lifetime. By contrast, what we insist on building […]

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How does NASA prepare astronauts for the silence of space?

And let’s throw another question into the mix, for good measure: “Why is the quietest place on earth so noisy?” In our pursuit of creating a tranquillity that transforms, we do have some memorable ‘aha’ moments. Such as? When we realised that it’s actually possible to have ‘too much’ quiet. … and that there’s a […]

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Bespoke windows made to measure

The Beauty of Bespoke. (How our noise reduction products are made to measure. To the decibel and to the millimetre.)

28th October 2017

Some words we hear so often that they become meaningless. Others are used in so many different ways, their exact meaning is unclear. So – right now – let’s be clear exactly what we mean when we say we offer ‘bespoke’ windows. Every single one of our windows is unique. And it isn’t just ‘made […]

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