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Kensington Gate

Why Hugo Carter was commissioned to work at a prestigious Kensington address

30th September 2022

There are many reasons why the owners of residential and commercial properties engage Hugo Carter to deliver our award-winning Silent Windows. The quality of our workmanship wins over many people, as does our commitment to customer service and the flexibility with which we create genuinely bespoke solutions. One of the other principal reasons is that […]

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Listed building

Upgrading to Double Glazing in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building

12th March 2018

What is a Conservation Area? Conservation Areas are defined and designated by Historic England in order to protect places of special architectural or historical interest. This wonderful organisation acts as guardian to the cultural and architectural heritage of which we are all so proud, preserving unique and distinctive buildings for the pleasure of future generations. […]

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silent windows at home

Window Replacement in a Conservation Area

Window Replacement in a Conservation Area Here at Hugo Carter we are huge fans of Conservation Areas, that is because we appreciate the love, care and attention that goes into maintaining these wonderful places for our generation and future generations to enjoy.   The most recent meaningful report on Conservation Areas was published in 2012 […]

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Oxfordshire listed building

Listed buildings and architectural glazing

Listed buildings and architectural glazing As the owner of a listed building of whatever Grade, you will be completely aware of the challenges surrounding any sort of change. Here at Hugo Carter we know the joys and frustrations that can be involved with developing a listed building more than anyone else and you will be […]

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