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Silent Windows are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of Soundproof Windows & Doors and bespoke Sash Windows. Due to the success we have experienced in London, we have now expanded our installation services across the UK.

Whether you are suffering from noise pollution, or simply want to upgrade your existing windows, please feel free to get in touch to speak with one of our engineers about your requirements.

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Sash Windows Bath

Bath is one of the most distinctive and recognised cities in the UK. It was developed by the Romans around the hot springs that give it its name and is famous for its splendid, extensive Georgian architecture.


Sash Windows Birmingham

Birmingham is the second biggest city in England and the UK, with a population of 1.1million, rising to 3.5million if you include the entire metropolitan area.


Sash Windows Brighton

Brighton is one of the most distinctive cities in England, with an unmistakable blend of metropolitan chic and seaside grandeur.


Sash Windows Bristol

Bristol is a city with a long and rich history. People settled in the area in the Stone Age and for more than 800 years it has been one of the most important centres of population and commerce in the UK.


Sash Windows Cambridge

Cambridge is, quite simply, a gorgeous city. Its skyline is enriched by several stunning college buildings, elements of the 800-year-old university that has made the city famous across the world.


Sash Windows Oxford

Silent Windows by Hugo Carter understands and fully respects the affection the people of Oxford feel towards their sash windows.

Our expert teams can work with property owners in the city to install replacement sash windows that are entirely in keeping with their traditional surroundings.

We offer a range of sash windows that will preserve the unique character of Oxford homes and offices while offering greater noise prevention, insulation, security and efficiency.


Soundproof Windows in Glasgow

Glasgow’s architecture is well known for Victorian design. Many of the city’s buildings reflect the late 19th Century wealth and self-confidence associated with Glasgow as a centre of world trade. As a result, we come across a lot of period sash windows in Glasgow.


Soundproof Sash and Casement Windows in Edinburgh

Historic sash and casement windows in Edinburgh make for distinct and instantly recognisable architectural features. The city’s buildings are world-renowned including a  medieval Old Town and a classical Georgian New Town.


Sash Windows Scotland by Silent Windows

Silent Windows by Hugo Carter have all the experience you need when it comes to installing soundproof sash windows in Scotland. Our expert teams work with Scottish property owners across the region to replace sash windows or similar products that are entirely in keeping with their traditional surroundings, whether that is a Highland croft or stone Edinburgh town-house.


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