Bespoke windows

The Beauty of Bespoke. (How our noise reduction products are made to measure. To the decibel and to the millimetre.)

Some words we hear so often that they become meaningless. Others are used in so many different ways, their exact meaning is unclear.

So – right now – let’s be clear exactly what we mean when we say we offer ‘bespoke’ windows.

Every single one of our windows is unique. And it isn’t just ‘made to measure’.  It’s measured to the millimetre before we use those measurements to engineer a window that fits your home perfectly.

And it’s not just the physical space we measure.

It’s also the noise levels.

Before we create your windows, there are always two kinds of understanding we need.

> On the one hand, we need to understand exactly what you need. In terms of aesthetics, in terms of noise reduction. So we can be certain that what we’re about to create for you will meet your expectations.

> On the other hand, we need to understand exactly how to translate those needs into windows that will help to transform your home or your hotel. And to that end, we’ve developed a unique design process.

And because we never outsource to anyone else, our end-to-end involvement means that there’s a continuity to that in-depth understanding – it runs right through our process. 

You could say, there are no gaps in our understanding… and also no ‘gaps’ in your windows. (We use a special silicon that helps ensure that, and that prevents any ‘rattle’ in the glass.)

So, there’s bespoke and there’s bespoke. If you want a made-to-the-millimetre window that is the perfect match for your needs, you know who to contact.

The detail we go into at the start leads to windows that are designed to delight.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients say here.

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