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To make it easier to find the FAQs relevant to you, we’ve carved them into six categories: General, Product Specific, Homeowners, Hoteliers, Architects and Noise Specific.  Any other questions? We welcome any questions that haven’t been covered here. If you can’t find answer to your question, simply send it to:

Why should you choose Silent Windows by Hugo Carter as opposed to one of our competitors?

  1. Because we have created the most advanced noise-reduction windows on the market. We redesigned them with the help of experts from the Institute of Acoustics. We understand the Science of Silence.
  2. Because we employ engineers, not sales people. Our team has been trained by experts at Southampton Solent University in room acoustics, noise analysis and noise mitigation techniques.
  3. Because our in-house installation team are certified by the Glass Qualifications Authority and we are FENSA registered, so we can certify our installations.
  4. Because we do not use subcontractors for our installations, like some of our competitors. It may be old-fashioned, but we believe that directly employing our installers means we deliver the highest standards. Our teams have been working for us for several years and have all had specialist training. They wear uniforms, drive our branded vehicles and are fully insured. We do not leave anything to chance.
  5. Because there are drawbacks to using sub-contractors:
    1. They are typically paid per window; if they can squeeze another one into the same day, they can keep the profit
    2. They save money by using cheaper material, and less of it – how would you know what type of foam, and how much of it, has been used once the window is in?
    3. There is often no supervision or quality control – or accountability when things go wrong
  1. Because we manufacture and install our own range of unique soundproof windows. We are not:
    1. A lead generation website which sells the leads to some random installers
    2. An online marketing platform
    3. A middle man
  1. Because we carry out detailed noise analysis. We survey to determine the type of noise and how loud it is. This allows us to choose the product and the thickness of glazing units that is absolutely right for you.
  2. Because building long-term relationships with our customers matters to us. We like to give people continuity, confidence and a sense of security. We take pride in the fact that, since we began trading in 2010, we have built great relationships with our customers. We still employ the people who carried out our first installation. And we offer a great after-care service, with guaranteed repairs and annual maintenance.
  3. Because we have a long list of satisfied customers, from Margate to Dublin. From brands large and small, we have testimonials that demonstrate we deliver a first-class service.

Are your windows available outside London?

Yes, they are. Being a London-based company, though, we do have to make some additional charges for projects outside the capital.

Specifically, we make a charge for our initial visit and survey (which is free to London-based clients) and we also make an additional charge for our installation. These charges are based on the distance from London, and also any travel costs.

That said, we have looked after clients as far afield as Oxford, Brighton, Leeds and Dublin.

As an architect, what’s the biggest difference you can make to my practice?

By giving you direct access to a rare depth of specialist knowledge about acoustic windows and doors, we can provide a level of expertise that can be of immediate and significant benefit to your clients.

Also, the quality of our workmanship and customer interaction is likely to only enhance your reputation.

At what level of decibels does the noise start causing harm?

Those living with noise pollution of over 55dB are likely to suffer health problems *. In London this affects 1.6 million people.

*This is according to the World Health Organisation.

Can I choose more than one window type?

Of course. We will talk you through your choices on our initial visit.

One common variable is the different level of noise reduction needed for the front and back of the house.

Can you give me a quotation without visiting the property?

Yes, it is possible, without visiting the property, to give you an approximate estimate. To do this, we need precise measurements and photos – and would also ask for some specific details about the nature of your need. (Including the level of noise reduction sought.)

Do you have proof of satisfied clients?

In Autumn 2016 we installed our windows to create a quiet room for a particular hotel client.

They were so delighted with the results that they have since contracted us to carry out installation across an entire first floor of the same hotel… and in two more hotels within their hotel chain.

How can I ‘test the water’ before refitting the windows for my hotel?

We are happy to create a single ‘quiet room’ for you.

This will enable you to witness first-hand the benefits to both your guests and to your business.

It also means you have an immediate advantage over neighbouring hotels without such a facility.

How do I know if you’re my best option (for noise reduction windows)?

We’re committed to helping you make a informed decision at the outset… and have absolutely no interest in designing and installing a window that isn’t absolutely right for you.

So, if we think that there’s an option that suits you better than Silent Windows, we will tell you so.

How early on in a process do you like to be involved?

If a client is seeking a refurbishment specifically because of unacceptable noise levels, it makes sense to measure the noise at the property at an early stage – so you and they can make informed decisions.

On our initial visit to a client, we can do a full noise survey without them committing to our services.

How greatly can your windows reduce noise?

At the moment, our windows that create the greatest noise reduction are our high performance windows; they’re designed to reduce the decibels by up to 55dB.

Is double glazing enough?

No. Not if you are wanting and needing to significantly reduce the level of noise. And in many cases, triple glazing will also not be enough.

It is not uncommon for us to encounter clients who have invested in double or triple glazing in good faith – and who have then been bitterly disappointed with the results.

Is it realistic to expect ‘zero complaints’ from customers?

In terms of noise, absolutely.

Here’s the evidence. Take our first hotel client, where we initially created a single ‘quiet room’.

Whereas, prior to installation, there were repeatedly customer complaints about the outside noise in WC1, there have been none since.

What are the factors that most affect cost?

There are various decisions and choices you will face up-front about your windows (or doors). Apart from the obvious (eg. the number of windows), the primary factors affecting cost are the level of noise reduction sought, the type of window, and also your preferred timber.

What do the architects you currently work with most value?

We have been told that it is a ‘breath of fresh air’ to have a like-minded collaborator on a build project – someone who really ‘gets’ and respects the client’s needs and priorities, and can input design ideas into the process.

What glass do you choose for your windows?

We always use glass from the world’s two most renowned manufacturers – namely, Pilkington and St Gobain.

What if I live in a conservation area?

We have extensive experience of dealing with Grade I and Grade II listed buildings – and of delivering solutions that help clients to achieve planning permission.

Within our Knowledge Centre, do check out our blogs relating to ‘conservation’.

What is so special about your windows?

We believe it is a combination of three things:

(1) The depth of acoustic expertise that goes into the design of every one of our windows.

(2) The degree to which our windows are bespoke, based on a deep understanding of your needs.

(3) The installation process, where again we take specific steps to optimise the noise reduction.

What other choices do I have?

Within each of our product types, there are typically a number of stylistic ranges – e.g. heritage or contemporary. We will also go you through the many other choices you have, in terms of the colours, the ironmongery and fittings, and even the way the windows or doors open.

What timbers can I choose from?

The timber selection we offer you is: redwood, meranti, sapele and oak.

When you say every product is ‘bespoke’, what exactly does that mean?

It means that each window is completely unique, and made to order.

Its design is shaped by a number of factors: by the level of noise reduction needed, and by the various choices you make.

It’s also, of course, made to measure – to the millimetre – for an exceptionally precise fit.

Why are your frames all made of hardwood timber?

Timber provides a superior level of noise protection and of longevity. For that reason, we won’t ever offer you ‘hollow’ frames – and why we don’t offer aluminium, UPVC, metal or crittal windows.

Why is it that your doors and windows can offer greater noise reduction than others?

You can put it down to a number of factors.

Firstly, there is our design and installation process, where we measure the sound to the decibel, and the space to the millimetre. Also, there is a continuity of expertise, as we never outsource or subcontract.

Secondly, there are the two core materials we select. The engineered hardwood timber and the glass provided by the world’s top specialists.

Thirdly, there are various design details – you can learn more about them here which have resulted from our ongoing commitment to provide the very best soundproofing doors and windows.

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