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Whether you’re a homeowner or a hotelier, if you’re interested in booking an Initial Visit from one of our senior surveyors, please complete this form. And if you’re an architect, looking to book an initial consultation, please do get in touch.

    Initial visit

    By agreeing to an Initial Visit – be it to a home or a hotel – there is no obligation to commit to our service. This is an opportunity for you to weigh up how good a match we are, and for us to understand your needs more clearly.

    Please note that you won’t be visited by a sales person, but by an acoustic specialist who can talk you through your best options, and who understands the science of silence.

    Using an NTi XL2 Acoustic Analyser, we’ll measure the noise levels in different rooms. We can then give you an immediate idea of the noise levels, inside and out.

    Based on these results, we’ll advise you on the options that will achieve the best outcome. Where appropriate, we’ll recommend a solution other than Silent Windows, if we believe that’s in your best interests.

    If you want more information, prior to booking a visit, call us today on 0203 953 5553.