Creating a tranquility that transforms

We’re proud of the fact that nobody is able to reduce the decibels more dramatically or reliably than Silent Windows. But we’re prouder still of the impact that our noise reduction solutions have had on people’s environments and lives. It is no exaggeration to say it is transformative. Countless customers have said as much.

“These windows are life changing.” *

Time and again, expectations are exceeded… one way or another. Sleepless nights become a thing of the past. Homes become havens. Hotel guests are delighted. Stress is removed. Tranquility is restored. In an industry that once seemed ‘change-proof’, we are changing three things: perceptions, lives and possibilities.


* An excerpt from one of many five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Changing perceptions

There are various myths we’ve exploded, and preconceptions we’ve overturned. Among them…

double glazing option

Many thought double glazing was the height of their noise reduction options.

50 decibels with a window

Nobody thought it possible to reduce noise by 50 decibels with a window.

restoring tranquility

In certain settings, the idea of restoring tranquility was dismissed as impossible.

And as noise pollution has come to be viewed as just as important as other kinds of pollution, we’re proud of how we’ve changed people’s sense of what is possible.

Changing lives

What we do is not just about transforming environments, it’s about transforming lives. That’s what inspires us, and lies at the very heart of our ethos.

To bring home the different ways that noise reduction and tranquility can transform somebody’s life, it feels right to share a handful of our favourite client stories… of those who felt, one way or another, that they ‘got their life back’.

The Fulham home of our client was subject to extreme aircraft noise – which proved intolerable for his two young autistic children. By creating two new rooms, we enabled them to play freely without having to wear industrial ear defenders.

A renowned scientist, who had worked on the Hadron Collider, was unable to live in his luxury home in Switzerland – as he was suffering from hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to noise). His home life in Snowdonia was transformed with the creation of a silent room.

During lockdown, a client noticed how his children slept longer and better when the usual aircraft noise was absent… and how their overall mood was transformed. It prompted him to install a new set of noise-reduction windows before the planes started flying again.

Another client had a business close to our hearts: healing with sound. But the local traffic noise – near London’s Victoria station – was so intense that the gongs and Tibetan bowls were having a limited impact… until, that is, we installed new bespoke windows.

Our client bought his dream home in Oxfordshire, right next to a disused stadium, which was – he was assured – earmarked for residential units. However, those plans changed. Speedway returned with a ‘vroom’. Visiting his property, we clocked the noise of the racing bikes at 90dB. Plans are now afoot to restore tranquility.

Changing possibilities

Looking back, over the last ten years, we are proud to say that we have changed what’s possible for all kinds of people. Such as…

For a homeowner who didn’t think they could stay in their own home

For anyone wanting to soundproof a listed building without compromising its character

For a hotelier wanting to protect their business and their reputation – by ensuring a good night’s sleep for their guests

For architects who want their designs to include the very latest advances in noise reduction

For those seeking to deliver the ultimate noise reduction remedy and looking for an accomplished partner

Looking ahead, we are committed to continue to change what’s possible in different living and working spaces. For instance…

Our RIBA-approved CPD training for architects – offered at no cost – is spreading our niche wisdom to architects, and enabling them to offer their clients the ultimate noise reduction remedy.

Our close relationships with our pioneering partners is certain to keep our solutions at the forefront of what’s possible in the construction industry.

By continuing to take on noise reduction challenges that others shrink from, we hope to win additional awards that recognise our commitment to innovation.

Transforming lives will always be one of the three commitments that runs through our business; it lies at the very heart of our ethos.

“This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and makes a notable difference to my quality of life.”

Above is one of the many five-star reviews we’ve received on Trustpilot. See the latest here.