Taking a five-star approach to noise reduction

Just as ‘silence is golden’ for those who sell sleep… so noise can be extremely bad for business. So it was proving for a particular hotel in the Radisson chain.

With Tottenham Court Road’s traffic thundering past, the noise-related complaints from guests on the first floor were only getting louder. So, having heard about our award-winning windows, Radisson got in touch… and we got to work: creating their very first ‘quiet room’.

Room 109 was completely transformed.

Such was the impact that soon we were being invited to replace all 145 windows across the hotel’s first floor. And the verdict? In the words of Steve Holmes, the hotel’s chief engineer.

The difference was unbelievable. Absolutely amazing!

This remarkable case study has prompted countless follow-up projects, not only from Radisson, but also from other hoteliers across the UK. And no wonder. Complaints went completely out of the window.

For us, it was a game-changer for our business. One of ten ‘milestone moments’ you can view on our Origin Timeline and one of the most powerful testimonies to our capacity to achieve for our clients what they didn’t think was possible.

See what we have achieved for Radisson Hotels…

The owners of the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Tottenham Court Road invited us to reduce hotel room noise levels and give their guests the best possible night’s sleep.

The location, in London’s bustling West End, meant tackling late-night noise pollution head-on.

See how our installation of soundproof windows led to a dramatic reduction in hotel noise complaints… and had a positive impact on the business.

Learn what else we can offer hoteliers…

One of the most cost-effective ways to reduce complaints, and boost your bookings, is by reducing the outside noise. So do it right. Choose Silent Windows by Hugo Carter. Already we’ve transformed the fortunes of five-star hotels across the capital and elsewhere in the UK. By offering clients a quiet room, you can reduce hotel noise complaints and give yourself a distinct competitive edge over your noisy competitors.