Why Architects Love Us


Time and again, we’ve enabled architects to deliver a rare promise – ‘noiseless nights’ – in a multitude of urban settings.

By collaborating with them at the conceptual stage of a project, we can ensure they have a solution that works harmoniously with their design.

We know we’re sitting on the ultimate remedy of its kind. Not also for mitigating the impacts of noise pollution, but also for delivering the benefits of tranquility.

Such wisdom, we’ve realised, is far too precious to keep to ourselves.

That’s why, in 2021, we made it freely available to architects with our RIBA-approved training.

So it’s no wonder that architects love us.

By equipping them to solve one of their most pressing challenges, it means fewer sleepless nights – not just for their clients – but for them too.

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Learn about our award-winning products and process through an RIBA-approved webinar. This is your chance to gain an inside look at what happens behind-the-scenes.

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Perhaps you’ve been hoping for something unique in a product or supplier. Silent Windows from Hugo Carter can bring you just that. It’s a chance to change what you can offer your clients and enhance your reputation. Now, there’s a fresh element to build with: silence.