Acknowledging three sets of pioneers…

All too often pioneers remain hidden from view. So, in the field of noise reduction, we’d like to now set the record straight on three fronts.

First by acknowledging our fellow pioneers in this field – both our partners and our peers – before reflecting on our own breakthroughs… in particular, those that we’re most proud of, and that truly set our windows apart.


Here we want to acknowledge those partners who have been, and continue to be, an integral part of the Silent Windows story and journey.

Institute of Acoustics

“Leading influencers who shape the future through sound”

Jacob: “To take our understanding about noise reduction to the next level, you could say we went ‘to the source’…. to the UK’s only relevant professional body, the Institute of Acoustics. Their knowledge about noise and acoustics is encyclopaedic.”

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“They’re not just accredited, they also really know what they’re talking about. That’s why we started talking to them, and why we went to them to create CPD training for our team… to continually update and deepen our own knowledge about ‘the science of silence’.”



“The world’s first portable acoustic camera for imaging sound”

Jacob: “It’s fair to say that the guys at Soundcam opened our eyes to the world of measuring sound using a camera. It’s a groundbreaking thing… not just to create a holographic image of a sound…”

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“…but to also be able to track the sound source by pointing the camera towards it – even when you can’t see it! To say we’ve worked closely with Soundcam would be something of an understatement. Two of us – myself and their MD, Richard O’Sullivan – spent several hours transforming a West End apartment into a sound lab, as we explored all kinds of technical challenges, scenarios and capabilities.”

logo-NTi Audio

“Made in Switzerland: the very finest acoustic analysers”

Jacob: “Analysing the noise is such a pivotal aspect of what we do, it’s imperative that we can absolutely rely on the data… and in that respect, NTI Audio gives us a rare degree of accuracy and reliability.” 

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“Their acoustic analysers enable us to know the exact ‘acoustic signature’ of any noise source. And that means we can then give our manufacturing team precisely what they need to dampen any given noise frequency.”


Here we want to acknowledge those peers, whose breakthroughs – in terms of achieving new levels of noise reduction and tranquility – have inspired our own journey.

logo-Rolls Royce

“A formula for serenity”

Jacob: “Perhaps the first car manufacturer to recognise the importance of silence for their drivers, Rolls Royce recently devised a ‘formula for serenity’ and applied it to their Ghost.”

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“I loved their discovery that taking all the noise away was actually disorientating. It was too quiet! So they created a whisper… and brought every noise together in a single subtle note.”



“No one wants to hear their neighbour going to the toilet.”

Jacob: “I was inspired by a Geberit white paper that shed new light on how sound affects us as human beings. It also outlined how luxury washrooms and bathrooms can offer us a sensory retreat…”

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“…from our busy lives. And many of the sanitary noise reduction solutions Gerberit has designed really are ingenious. If it’s true that we’re now spending 90% of our lives indoors, it stands to reason that the spaces we surround ourselves with will have a dramatic impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing.”



“Wake up beautifully. Award-winning beds with a Royal warrant.”

Jacob: “Another place where people seek sanctuary is in the bedroom. And I have been very struck by Hypnos’s pursuit of perfection and their striving to deliver ‘a deep, energising night’s rest.”

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“Like us, Hypnos recognise the importance of silence and the transformative power of tranquility. To this end, they’ve done extensive research into what exactly makes people sleep better.”


Six pioneering moments for Silent Windows

Looking back on the path that has led to our award-winning noise reduction solutions, we are proud of our breakthroughs. Here is a selection of just some of our milestone moments:

Breaking the ‘50 decibel’ barrier

When they said it couldn’t be done…

Launching our CPD training for architects

Accredited by RIBA…

Transforming Room 109

Delivering a five-star noise reduction for Radisson Hotels…

Attending our first training in acoustics

Created specially for us by Solent University & the IOA…

Developing a unique installation method

Which has transformed the results enjoyed by our clients…

For a more vivid and visual idea of our story so far, see our Origin Story.