Our Process Explained

Our process is split into seven stages. We go to great lengths to clarify your needs in depth at the outset, and as we never outsource, it means that understanding runs through the entire project – from inquiry to installation. It’s hard to overestimate the value of that end-to-end expertise and involvement.

Step 1 – Initial Enquiry

Our first contact is by phone. Before contacting us, do please make sure you have certain details to hand, so we can help you more thoroughly.

Specifics we need to know include: the property location and type (especially whether it’s a listed building and/or in a conservation area), the details of your problem, the type of noise and the kind of windows and glazing you currently have.

We look to gather whatever details we need to start considering the best solution, and to ensure we have enough information to plan an effective home visit.

Step 2 – Initial Visit (Noise Assessment & Pricing Survey)

You won’t ever be visited by a sales person, but by a specialist who understands the science of silence and who can talk you through your best options.

We’ll measure the noise levels in different rooms using a NTi XL2 Acoustic Analyser. This enables us to give you an immediate idea of the noise levels, inside and out, with windows opened and closed.

Based on these results, we’ll advise you on the options that will achieve the best outcome. Where appropriate, we may recommend a solution other than Silent Windows.

By agreeing to an Initial Visit – be it to a home or a hotel – there is no obligation to commit to our service. This is an opportunity for you to weigh up how good a match we are, and for us to understand your needs more clearly.

Step 3 – Quotation & Noise Report

Based on the survey completed during the Initial Visit, our team will email you a full costing within 72 hours.

In addition, we will issue you with a Noise Report which shows our analysis of the problem, the level of noise pollution and our suggested solution. Whether or not you choose to proceed with us, this Noise Report will still be a valuable document for you.

Within another 48 hours, we will follow up with a courtesy call, to make sure that everything is clear.

Step 4 – Installation Survey

If you have chosen to go ahead with us, and have paid an initial deposit, we will then arrange for one of our senior surveyors to come and do a detailed Installation Survey.

At this stage, we will take accurate ‘to the millimetre’ measurements, and also assess the best method of installation.

We will also confirm your aesthetic preferences, including your choices of timber, paint colour and ironmongery.

Every solution is bespoke. Once we have all the information we need, we will pass your order to our factory.

Step 5 – Manufacture Updates

Typically, the manufacturing process takes approximately ten weeks.  Every three weeks our customer service team will provide an update so you know how your windows are progressing.  There are eight stages to this process:

#1. Initially your selected timber is ordered from a FSC-certified timber mill.

#2. We place the timber in a climate-controlled condition to ensure the correct humidity level.

#3. We cut the wood, plane it to your precise dimensions, sand it down and assemble it.

#4. Your wood is spray painted manually at our on-site spray painting facility.

#5. The ordered glass arrives from one of two world-renowned glass manufacturers.

#6. We insert the glass into the frame, using an acoustic silicon to prevent vibrations.

#7. We add specialist weather seals, as well as your selected ironmongery.

#8. Carefully wrapped, your windows are shipped to our warehouse in London.

Step 6 – Installation

Two weeks prior to the installation, we’ll notify you with an exact installation date.

Throughout the installation, we are sensitive to your situation and whether there are specific occupants (tenants or young children) or circumstances to be mindful of.

For the installation itself we use a specialist acoustic foam between windows and walls which helps to further enhance the noise reduction. As it is non-expanding, it will retain its density.

We typically estimate requiring one day per window. What is certain is that at no point will we leave the property unprotected or exposed. Put simply, if one window comes out, another goes in.

The entire installation will always be overseen by a single project manager who serves as your primary point of contact throughout.

Step 7 – Follow Up

One week after the installation, we will follow up with a courtesy call.

This to make doubly sure that everything is to your satisfaction, and also to answer any questions you may have about making the very most of your new windows (or doors).

Arrange a FREE visit today.

You won’t be visited by a sales person, but by a specialist who understands the science of silence and who can talk you through your best options.

We’ll measure the noise levels in different rooms in your home using specialist noise analyser.

We’ll talk you through your options and the various logistic and aesthetic factors to consider.

We’ll get a thorough understanding of exactly what you need. (It may vary from the front to the back of the house.)

We won’t recommend our own windows if they’re not suitable and you won’t be delighted with the results.

By agreeing to a Initial Home Visit, there is no obligation to commit to our service. This is your opportunity to weigh up how good a match we are, and to understand your needs more clearly.

Download our noise reduction brochure

To learn more about The Science of Silence, please download our brochure.


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