Since the delivery and installation of our very first ‘silent windows’, our evolution has been both swift and dramatic, involving countless ‘milestone moments’.

Such as? Our first noise reduction prototypes… enabling a hotel to offer ‘five-star’ sleep… breaking the 50 decibel barrier… and offering something unprecedented to architects.

Now see, year by year, exactly how that story has unfolded…


Our first noise reduction challenge. An architect working on a project in London’s Marylebone Street reached out to us for support. Our solution involved laminated glass – the best solution of its kind at the time. As engineers, we knew straightaway we could create something better.


Being engineers, we did all the early improvements ourselves. Our first noise reduction prototypes were for sash windows, created with our own technicians. Apart from the glass, we knew that adapting other elements – such as the construction of the box and the frame – would also have a positive impact.


From the start, our intensive R&D reading included white papers from various universities, among them Bath University, Kings College London and Southampton University; that in turn put us in touch with Juan Moro of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA).


After establishing partnerships with Pilkington and Saint Gobain, we have successfully negotiated wider availability for specialist acoustic laminated glazing. Previously, some of the technologies were only available for large scale commercial solutions.


Through our relationship with the Institute of Acoustics (IoA), we arranged for a specialist CPD training for our team. The training included deepening our understanding of noise itself… and of how best to mitigate its impact. The training took place at the Solent University, at their acoustic department.

We have spent some time there including a visit to the anechoic chamber!

Thanks to the input of experts from the IoA, we developed a unique installation method… one that employs advanced acoustic techniques and the same materials used to construct recording studios.


A game-changer for our business: we were approached by the Radisson Hotel Group. Extreme road noise was upsetting guests and losing them business at their four-star hotel in Tottenham Court Road. After transforming Room 109 (a suitably noisy ‘test room’), we were then instructed to refit 145 windows across the first floor of the hotel: the Radisson Blu Edwardian.


We successfully completed another project for the Radisson Edwardian Blu – for their flagship hotel in Leicester Square. Guests staying there had to put up with noise on two fronts – from the Odeon cinema and from the kitchen ventilation equipment. Our installation – of the latest, and top performing sash windows – not only meets conservation requirements but also offers five-star sleep for every one of the Hampshire’s guests.

Also that year, the Hugo Carter team was delighted to be winners of not one but two UK Enterprise Awards: “Best Window & Door Manufacturers” AND “Most Innovative Noise Reduction Product”; both for Silent Windows.


The year we broke the 50 decibel barrier. At one of Europe’s finest acoustic testing laboratories, we were told by an experienced and respected lab technician “it can’t be done”. No window had reduced the noise by 50 decibels before. But we created one that did exactly that.


Realising that our niche wisdom in noise reduction was too precious to keep to ourselves, we launched our RIBA-approved CPD training for architects. This is now available to architects at no cost.


Another good year for awards. We were recognised as “The Manufacturing/Reprocessing Business of the Year” at the West London Business Awards 2022. In the judge’s words: “Hugo Carter are a highly innovative manufacturer with impressive growth in the pandemic.”

We were also shortlisted for two separate awards at the 2022 Building Innovation Awards. The two categories were: ’The most innovative new product’ and ‘The most innovative supplier’. No cigar this time, but it was a distinct honour to be recognised alongside some of the construction industry’s leading pioneers and innovators.

Hearing the call for silence

It was ten years ago, in 2013, that we first responded to the demand amongst homeowners for a more powerful noise reduction solution… and realised the need to educate people: about the impacts of noise, and about their choices.

At that point, such a solution was available only in the commercial sector.

We also wanted to address a myriad of specific noise-related problems that we could see that our clients were facing. These included: 

‘Moving’ homeowners who were either unable to settle into their new home, or sell their existing one – because of noise-related issues.

Those in conservation areas who were unable to get planning permission to soundproof their homes.

Also, we saw the need to educate people about:

The negative impacts of noise

The benefits of tranquility, and of sleep

In fact, one of the greatest negative impacts of noise is the way that it removes the healing powers of tranquility.

From the very start, transforming people’s lives is one of the three commitments that run through all that we do… and it has fuelled our ongoing fascination with the science of silence.