Noise Pollution Types

Here are the four most common types of noise pollution experienced by people in their homes.

Wherever you live, and however you spend your time, when you are at home you want peace. You want your house to be a haven of tranquillity where you can find solace from the stresses and demands of everyday life.

In the modern world, however, this desire is not always easily achieved. That precious peace can be disturbed with noise from a variety of sources – especially if you live in an urban environment.

Silent Windows by Hugo Carter understands how important peaceful living is to you – and has the solutions to bring you the silence you crave and deserve.

We believe there are four main types of noise pollution that you are likely to suffer from in your home and on the pages below you can see more in-depth information about these causes, and perhaps most importantly, the solutions.

Aircraft Noise Pollution

If your domestic peace is disrupted by a flight path, talk to Hugo Carter about finding the solution to aircraft noise.

The noise of an aircraft taking off or coming in to land has become a familiar one to millions of people in recent decades.

For anyone living near airports, there is little prospect of that noise abating any time soon. If your domestic peace is disrupted because you are under or near a flight path, it is time to talk to Hugo Carter about soundproofing against aircraft noise.

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Train Noise Pollution

The sound of a distant train whistle echoing through the night can be incredibly evocative.

However, the train noise generated by a busy station right next door to you, or a regular express service rushing past the end of your garden, is a lot less romantic.

The harsh, metallic sound of trains has the potential to be extremely intrusive to anyone living within a few hundred yards of a station, or a busy track.

With services running until after midnight, and recommencing well before the rush hour, there is little respite for those close affected. We suggest contacting a window supplier who understands the “Science of Silence”.

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Anti-social Noise Pollution

Living very close to a town centre or your favourite watering-hole clearly has its advantages – but it also brings drawbacks in the form of anti-social noise.

It could come in the form of loud music, or simply the sound of large groups of people partying well into the night – well past the hour when you long for peace and quiet.

It’s not always easy – or advisable – to confront those responsible for such a disturbance. The answer may be to install windows that reduce anti-social noise to manageable levels.

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Road Noise Pollution

In these motorised times, it is unusual to live in a home completely untroubled by the noise of traffic. The sound of cars, motorcycles, buses and lorries is rarely absent from our lives, whether it is a constant roar, a steady hum or an occasional irritant.

Noise pollution can put a serious strain on people’s lives. Excessive traffic noise can make it difficult to relax in your home and lead to disturbed or sleepless nights, with a knock-on effect on your peace of mind and general health.

The good news is that there is an answer. At Hugo Carter, we understand your desire for less traffic noise in your life, and our soundproofing windows will improve the atmosphere in your home.

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Sleep & Noise Pollution

If you have trouble sleeping, it can have a seriously negative effect on your life. Failure to get enough sleep will affect both your physical health and your mental wellbeing. At Hugo Carter, we understand the importance of cutting down on noise pollution and the mental health benefits that can bring.

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