The three Commitments that set us apart…

While ours is a story that continues to evolve, there is one thing that will never change. And that’s our ethos or raison d’être. It dictates how we do what we do.

Today the same values we set out with in 2010 are very firmly in place. In fact, they are embedded in every aspect of our service… and in every member of our team.

And those three commitments are?

1. To deliver perfection…

“The noise reduction is amazing – better than I had expected.”

The more you know about our products and our process – and witness our attention to detail – the more you’ll realise our commitment to achieving new levels of excellence.

Ours is a unique design process, that creates the most effective noise reduction windows in the UK and we’re constantly looking to build on that lead.

soundproof windows
Replacing windows

2. To delight customers…

“Quite honestly I can say this was the best experience with builders / installation ever. Very efficient staff who always turned up on time, worked cleanly and quickly to an impeccably high standard and delivered a product that exceeded expectations on all fronts.”

We’re not just talking about the end products here, we mean the entire process – from initial consultation to completion.

On an initial visit, we will talk you through the best options for your needs – and if we think that means installing something other than Silent Windows, we’ll say so. Most importantly, when we install your noise reduction windows, we’ll treat the property as if it were our own – with the utmost care. 

3. To transform lives

“This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and makes a notable difference to my quality of life.”

We have encountered all manner of scenarios, where lives are disrupted by noise. Young children unable to sleep, individuals unable to work and people’s health dramatically affected.

It is particularly rewarding to be able to transform that situation, to give back people their homes, and with it their lives.

Today, it isn’t just people’s homes we are transforming , but also five star hotels and other properties, as we look to create the quietest spaces in the noisiest places.

Sleeping family