Engineers and acoustic experts… not sales people

The first meeting that homeowners have with our team typically comes as a pleasant surprise. Why? Because they’re engineers, not sales people… there to take the ‘noise signature’ of your home, using the very latest acoustic equipment.

‘But acoustic experts? Really?’

Yes, really. Thanks to extensive R&D investment, and in-depth training,
courtesy of Solent University and the Institute of Acoustics.

Early in our journey, we arranged for a CPD training specifically for us. It means that the latest acoustic wisdom runs right through our process and our entire team. From our surveyors and designers to our installers.

It’s why we’re able to create unique, award-winning windows that are completely bespoke… individually designed for you and your environment.

How we apply or gather the ‘Science of Silence’ at each stage…

Initial Survey

Taking your noise signature

The first time you meet our engineers, you’ll soon realise that they’re not just there to ‘measure’ the noise.

They’re there to understand ‘everything’: the problem, what’s behind it… and whether the solution might need to extend beyond windows.

Our initial in-depth survey usually takes at least an hour – and is designed to help you make an informed decision about what’s best.

Bespoke design

Using only the finest materials

The natural density of our engineered timber makes it the perfect noise suppressor.

Exceptionally strong and durable, it is also a powerful insulator, as it comes from slow-growing tree varieties.

And we only use glass from the world’s most renowned manufacturers – such as Pilkington and Saint Gobain.

Sometimes at this stage we will liaise with architects to ensure an effective bespoke solution.

Manufacturing process

Again done by our own team

Cutting, assembling, sanding, spraying… every single aspect of this stage is done by people who are experts in what they do.

And because we employ our own manufacturing teams – typically these are individuals who have now been with us for many years – it means that we have full control over the manufacturing process. 


A unique process, refined by IOA experts

Your noise reduction is only as good as its weakest point.

To put it another way, there is little point investing in windows designed to achieve a high level of noise reduction, unless the process of fitting them is done to the same high standard.

That is why, with the help of chartered noise engineers from the IOA (Institute of Acoustics), we have designed a completely unique installation method.


What we guarantee and why…

One year after installing your windows, we will pay you a complementary maintenance visit.

Before then, you’ll find we are ‘there for you’ in more ways than you might expect. (Ask us to share the story about the client who locked herself out of her home.)

Our commitment to delighting our customers may explain why so many come back to us, asking for particular members of our team by name.

Dual testing

Laboratory and on-site

There’s a distinct value to both kinds of testing. To us, the laboratory tests are imperative… as they give us accurate data in a carefully controlled environment.

On the other hand, on-site testing enables us to understand specific scenarios – eg. what’ll happen when we install this kind of window in this type of room.

This wisdom is passed on directly to different members of our team – so they’re better placed to serve our customers at each stage.

Ongoing CPD

The training that sets us apart

Our fascination with the Science of Silence continues to deepen.

Having originally reached out to the Institute of Acoustics to design our own bespoke training in noise reduction, we came to realise that this wisdom was too precious to keep to ourselves.

Hence the development of our RIBA-approved CPD for architects. By enabling them to improve their designs, we can all live in a quieter environment.

Why we can vouch for every aspect of our service

One of the primary reasons why we – and our returning clients – have so much confidence in what we offer is this. We never outsource.

It means that we can fully vouch for each step of the journey that each bespoke ‘silent window’ goes on. From the initial survey… to the design and manufacture… to the final delivery. 

We know it’s the hands of acoustic experts. That’s because every member of our team – from our surveyors and designers to our installers – has undergone the latest bespoke CPD training, courtesy of the Institute of Acoustics. 

To get an idea of what difference then makes to you and your property, we invite you to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at each stage of our process.