The Science of Silence

Early on we realised that if we wanted to truly transform peoples’ lives through their living environments, we needed to develop more deeply our fascination with, and knowledge of, the ‘science of silence‘ – and then apply that expertise to our products and our process.

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Why Silent Windows?

If you’re thinking of soundproofing a property, there are certain things you’ll want to consider sooner rather than later. Seven things, in fact.

(And best to do so before you make an investment in replacing any windows or doors.)


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Philosophy and Ethos

What often surprises people is not so much who we are, but who we are not. We are not sales people. We don’t ‘sell’ in that way. We’re here to transform people’s lives.

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The Science behind Silence

Of course we are fascinated by how we can help transform lives and living environments., but we’ve also grown a deep fascination with the science behind the silence…

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